Bring The Noise

If music be the food of love, don't just play on, stick it on repeat! We've dived into the depths of the jukebox to discover our 50 all time favourite music bloggers the world over, and let us tell you, they're music to our ears.

Scouring the globe for the newest, freshest and most unique takes on the modern music scene, these bloggers are not just cranking it up to eleven - they're taking us along for the ride. Talk about the tour bus experience!

From Reggae, Hip Hop and Dubstep to Grime, DnB, Classical, and Indie Rock - blogs for fans, for musicians, and even (strangely) for those that aren't really all that into music at all - here are 50 musical maestros that truly struck a chord with us, and exactly why you should check 'em out!

So there you have it: our 50 favourite online music journos using their finely tuned ears to keep ours firmly placed on the ground, and continue our musical education.

Whether it be modernising classical music or presenting us with some new genre inspo; opening up the floor for great musical discussion or providing a platform to come across like-minded muzos the world over, these 50 frontrunners are the créme de la créme of the musical crop, and we can't get enough.

Congrats to all of our top 50 for making our browser bookmarks feel like we're sifting for a CD in HMV all over again. To them we don't just say 'Thank you for the music', but for their vision, insight and passion for making great quality content that we can devour time and time again!

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