Indiana West 6th June, 2017

11 Ways To Sell In A Saturated Market

By nature, sales are competitive. But what do you do when you're practically drowning in a sea of similar local businesses? Luckily we're sharing 11 of Cluboid's tried and tested methods to stay afloat in a saturated market.

Cai Buwkowski 30th May, 2017

How To Run A Silent Disco

Think running a silent disco is the same as regular club night, only quieter? Eeesh. Think again. We've put together everything you need to know about throwing an epic silent disco on one handy cheat sheet.

Indiana West 16th May, 2017

9 Psychological Triggers That Win Sales And Customers

Sometimes you need a little help getting that competitive edge, right? Here are the 9 most handy psychological tips and tricks for securing sales and making an influence on that all-important sale…

Ben Hawkins 25th April, 2017

A Beginners Guide To Advertising On Facebook

Just starting out marketing your venue? Here is everything the beginner Facebook advertiser needs to know about business marketing on one of the world’s most popular platforms. Not a beginner? You still might learn a thing or two.

Indiana West 6th April, 2017

7 Low Cost Guerilla Marketing Campaigns For Business

What do you do when traditional marketing just isn’t making the grade anymore? You go Guerrilla. Here are 7 creative Guerrilla ideas for offline business growth that can be achieved using little more than the change in your pocket.

Ben Hawkins 28th March, 2017

How To Write A Press Kit To Get Publicity For Your Business

Writing and creating a press kit for your business can be a mix of fine art and precision science. Luckily we've got all the information you need below to create a perfect press kit.

Indiana West 22nd March, 2017

5 Free Apps And Tools To Increase Bookings And Reservations

Finding brilliant free tools to help you increase your bookings and reservations is the holy grail of business. Luckily we know where to find them. Here's our full guide on where to find 'em and how to use 'em.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

10 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs To Read

Looking for your next brilliant business read? Get inspired by 10 of the most life-changing entrepreneurial texts around, with Cluboid’s must-read countdown.

Karim Kaling 28th February, 2017

10 Tips For Office Productivity

Sometimes there are forces working against you that you aren’t even aware of. Feeling distracted and don’t know why? Turns out, there are things that subconsciously affect your work day. Get help with our 10 tips for productivity in the workplace.

Aoife O'Sullivan 28th February, 2017

How To Fire Your Bar Staff

Letting someone go can be difficult, so let Cluboid show you how to confidently broach the topic of termination with tips for adequate prep, execution and aftercare.

Laura Phelps 28th February, 2017

Bar And Nightclub Trends 2016

2016 has been a prolific year for the evolution of the nightclub and bar. We thought we’d take a look back on the year’s biggest nightlife advances, and reflect on the crazes to have swept the circuit as we wave goodbye to 2016. Did you miss any?

Karim Kaling 28th February, 2017

Tips For Business Boosting Bar Takings

'Cluboid takes a look at some of the most successful campaigns on the ad circuit and examines just how you can use those techniques to boost business in your bar or nightclub. Don’t just get good at marketing, MASTER IT.

Ben Hawkins 28th February, 2017

Nightclub Bar Promotional Ideas That Work Top 10

Marketing and promoting your nightclub or bar can be tricky. Especially when you've got a budget to keep in mind. Let Cluboid guide you through the top techniques to nailing your promotions and bringing in more customers this weekend.

Cai Buwkowski 28th February, 2017

Promoting Events With Google Adwords

Stat-driven steps for upping your web traffic, writing the best possible ads and increasing your website click-throughs, using the wonderful tech tool that is Google Adwords.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

Sms Marketing For Nightclubs Bars

We compare the data from email and SMS marketing campaigns and show you exactly how to boost business using direct, targeted SMS marketing and autonomy. Learn how and why you need to be channelling your marketing efforts into text..

Ben Hawkins 28th February, 2017

Nightclub Bar Flyer Design Guide

Advice for compelling, effective and successful flyer design from 3 leading advertising experts. Get insight into the do’s and don’ts of the design fundamentals and learn just what makes a flyer sell tickets, to make you the big bucks.

Tilly Williams 28th February, 2017

Managing The Biggest Nightclub And Bar Costs

No one likes to budget. It’s no fun. But with some expert tips from your ol’ friends at Cluboid, learn to easily keep your 3 biggest and most arduous bar and nightclub outgoings in check: Labour, Drinks and Fresh Produce.

Aoife O'Sullivan 28th February, 2017

Nightclub And Bar Trends 2017

Social, political and data-driven predictions from the industry experts for the coming years’ bar and nightclub crazes. Make sure you’re equipped and in the know about what’s hitting the scene, in 2017.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

How To Use Snapchat For Business

The social media that everyone’s heard of, but doesn’t really know what to do with. Find out exactly why, and more importantly how, Snapchat can do wonders for your business.

Sam Morris 28th February, 2017

Increase Bar Pub Nightclub Reservations

We get it. Resevations and bookings are the backbone to your business. Increasing them can do wonders to your revenue. Find out exactly how some businesses are crushing it, and how you can do the same.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

Nightclub Bar Data Collection Tips

Why bother with data capture? We take a look into the reasons behind the data collection hype, and how making small incremental changes to your booking format can help you amass a whole load of helpful info for future use.

Aoife O'Sullivan 28th February, 2017

How To Start A Nightclub

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Take a look at the 5 need-to-know factors for those interested in starting their very own successful nightclub. No one said ti would be easy, but it will be easier with this guide.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

How To Run Better Nightclub

In business, you’re always striving for better. Well, with a little forethought into sales, organisation and negotiation, your venue’s success can skyrocket. Let Cluboid show you how to up your management game in 6 easy steps.

Cai Buwkowski 28th February, 2017

10 Best Episodes Of Bar Rescue

The most outrageous, shocking and disturbing Taffer moments as seen on SPIKE TV’s Bar Rescue, Seasons 1 through 5. You want to know how to run a bar or nightclub? Check out 10 of America’s worst to see exactly what not to do.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

Bar Staff Interview Questions

You need staff and you need them now. We hear you. Use Cluboid’s compilation of killer interview questions to quickly find those bar bright sparks, and completely half your staff turnover time.

Laura Phelps 28th February, 2017

How To Improve Your Bottle Service

Cluboid knows that the nightlife business is difficult, that’s why we made it our business to help venues raise the bar on service standards. Check out our 5 surefire ways for even better bottle service using software savvy and market analysis.

Indiana West 28th February, 2017

How To Sell More Drinks At The Bar

From psychology to design, everything you see on a bar menu is there to you get to part with hard earned cash. Boost those all important sales numbers with 5 industry insights about what really works.

Sam Morris 28th February, 2017

Billionaires That Were Once Poor

Meet the 5 brilliant entrepreneurs that turned adversity into opportunity. Thanks to their resilience, they've now created empires that modern society relies on. We think a few of these might surprise you...

Laura Phelps 22nd February, 2017

Waiter Job Description Template

Give your venue the best chance of success by securing first rate wait staff. ‘But how?’ you might ask. With the help of Cluboid’s definitive guide to writing a brilliant wait staff job spec, of course!

Indiana West 22nd February, 2017

Top 10 Super Bowl Promotion Ideas

If the best defence is a good offence, then you’d better get aggressive with your promoting. Dive head first into the huddle this year with 10 of the most epic ways to promote your bar, pub or nightclub for the NFL Super Bowl.

Ben Hawkins 22nd February, 2017

Top Valentines Nightclub Bar Marketing Ideas

If you’re wondering how much longer you can roll with the ‘Chocolate Strawberries and Cava’ package before it looks tired, you’ve probably answered your own question. Rejuvenate your Valentines game with 10 of the freshest promotion ideas.

Cai Buwkowski 22nd February, 2017

10 Things Millionaires Do Every Day

To begin thinking like a millionaire, one must first start acting as one. Well, thanks to new research by Tom Corley, it’s now a whole lot easier than you’d think. Check out Cluboid’s rundown of the habits and behaviours of the rich and famous.

Indiana West 22nd February, 2017

Whats The Difference Bartender Or Mixologist

You need to hire one, but you don’t really know what exactly you should be asking for. Don’t panic, here’s the rundown on the origin and connotations of both the bartender and the mixologist. Apparently there really is quite the distinction.

Karim Kaling 22nd February, 2017

Hiring Your Bar Dream Team

Cluboid’s comprehensive guide to choosing and maintaining the best staff for your business. Every venue needs a dream team, and here is just how to find and optimise yours...

Indiana West 22nd February, 2017

Dealing With Nightclub Bar Complaints

Combat all 10 of the most common nightclub and bar complaints using Cluboid’s guide to negative feedback. We’ve analysed the most prevalent concerns, and have the perfect rebuttal to each and every one of them. Now, you will too.

Tilly Williams 22nd February, 2017

Cost Of Nightclub Bar Software

Working out the true cost of a service is often tricky, especially when it comes to software. Luckily (as always) we are here to help. After looking closely and 1000's of customer accounts we've done the math for you.

Simple reservation and booking software
Cluboid reservation system
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