The most outrageous, shocking and disturbing Taffer moments as seen on SPIKE TV’s Bar Rescue, Seasons 1 through 5. You want to know how to run a bar or nightclub? Check out 10 of America’s worst to see exactly what not to do.

The 10 Best Episodes of Bar Rescue

Known as the Gordon Ramsay of the Bar world, Jon Taffer is equally terrifying with a matching penchant for expletives. Endeavouring to revive US bars that are on the brink of closure, Taffer and his team of industry specialists bring in the big guns to breathe life and professionalism back into some of the countries most poorly ran establishments. After a bit of secret camera recon, Taffer swoops in to work his magic, dishing out some pretty harsh home truths along the way. Turns out, that when two very different business worlds collide, Jerry Springer looks tame by comparison.

John Taffer Bar Rescue 1

Here is a comprehensive rundown of the 10 most scandalous, disgusting and frankly, jaw-dropping episodes of Bar Rescue from 10 to 1…

10. ‘Take Me Out to the Bar Game’

John Taffer Bar Rescue 2

There’s nothing worse than waiting for ages to get served at the bar. No wait, actually there is. Waiting for ages to get served at the bar because the bartenders are instead making drinks for themselves, now that sucks. This Nevada bar, run by ex baseball player Dan Serafini, was constantly playing by the ‘one for you, two for me’ rule, and as a result, the whole team was consistently drunk. Taffer thought he’d see just how drunk, so brought out a breathalyzer on one particular barmaid, Jessica, who blew a 0.21. That’s 3 times over the legal limit and still ‘working’. No wonder the place wasn’t turning a profit.

9. ‘The Lost Episode’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 3

When the owner of the bar gets into fisticuffs with a customer, you generally get an indication of foul play. When it’s the owner that starts it, and is completely in the wrong: you know there is. Owner of New Jersey bar, South Park, clearly has no idea how to engage with humans let alone customers. When he spots a patron going to light up a cigarette, the owner practically rugby tackles him in a bizarre, aggressive attack full of swear words and shoving. The owner’s temper seeming to go from 0-100, as he completely mishandles what could have been a very simple ‘You can’t smoke in here buddy, let’s take that outside.’ Instead, he makes a huge scene by forcefully ejecting a rather confused customer who responds in what looks like defense, throwing furniture. The two then wrestle each other to the ground outside on the street for the whole venue and general public to see. Professionalism level: zero. You’re right Taffer, that truly was an ‘unbelievable disaster’.

8. ‘Boss Lady Blues’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 4

The folks at Jazz Katz, Michigan certainly like to cut corners. We’re talking big, humongous corners. This is due to one certain lazy chef who completely refused to wash up because he’s ‘not a dishwasher’. You might think that’s not such a big deal. Well it is when your food is being served on plates covered in mould. Major health code violation. That same ‘chef’ thought it would be time saving to reheat seafood gumbo in a microwave. He tried it himself before serving it, of course, and was violently sick right there and then. In a fit of exasperation, Taffer dashed a basket of fries at the chef and yells ‘Close it the f**k down’. Oh and he got rid of the mouldy plates in true Taffer style, too. By smashing them all over the floor.

7. ‘Scoreboard to Death’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 5

Using cocktail ingredients more than a year past their expiration date, it seems that stock rotation and date checks are not phrases often spoken at Scoreboard 2.
During their surveillance at this California bar, The Bar Rescue team took to setting up bug traps around the serving area and came back that same day to find them all full. After closer inspection, Taffer even discovered there were live insects inside most of the liquor bottles that Scoreboard were using to serve their customers. Taffer closes the bar there and then, evacuating everyone inside in the name of health and safety.

6. ‘Hole in None’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 6

Taffer deemed this venue to be ‘The most disgusting’ he had ever seen. Granted, people do lean towards hyperbole when they want to make a strong statement but boy, he was not kidding here. Fairways Golf & Grill, or ‘that mushroom place’ as we’re sure it is now known. Taffer is horrified to discover the walk-in chiller absolutely brimming with terrifying amounts of fungi. Growing from the sides of the fridge walls, the ceiling and the floor, Taffer was appalled at the poor sanitation here. ‘This place is dangerous.’ he shouted, before storming up to the bar and swiping all of the dishes of food from the counter in a clothesline motion and yelling ‘Nobody eats this frickin’ food’. It is a bit ironic that in doing so, he did actually completely cover himself in it. We suppose you have to break some eggs to make an omelette, though. Just don’t order one from Fairways.

5. ‘Empty Bottles Full Cans’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 7

The Tennessee bar come softcore brothel. This venue was outed for having waitresses that would willingly flash and expose themselves to their customers for as little as $5 dollars ‘tip’. No big deal, you might be thinking, but the whole thing is made worse by the fact that it is actually completely illegal to expose your nipples in the state of Tennessee. Eeek. Oh and did we forget to mention the fact that the basement was flooded with essentially, toxic waste? A pond of black mould that filled the bottom 8ft of the cooler where the bar thought it would be a good idea to keep all of it’s fresh and ambient food stock. Cheque please!

4. ‘Critters and Quitters’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 8

Standards hit rock bottom when an aggressive bartender at Kansas bar, KC’s, ignores her customers, drinks from business stock and even smokes behind the bar. She is seen flipping off the guests who are asking to be served, even serving a slap dash martini with olives that she dug out of the jar with her bare hands. But that’s no reason to make it to number 4 on our list though, oh no. In addition to the shoddy service and owner encouraging his staff to drive home after having drank enough to sink a ship, the whole place is then taken over by an infestation of raccoons. Because that’s what any good food establishment needs right? Rabies.

3. ‘Paradise Lost’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 9

The manager of this Florida bar took it upon himself to use company expenses to sneakily charge for golf clubs, rental cars, cafe lunches and country club dinners instead of actually paying the venue’s rent for that entire year. Incurring up to $400,000 worth of debt for the company, the manager looked rather unfazed until Jon told him that he’s now completely liable for fraud and embezzlement. Taffer is completely astonished, claiming ‘This is the most incriminating set of information against a manager I have ever seen’. Never one to beat around the bush, Taffer fronted the manager and told him: ‘The fact that you’re acting like a big shot, doesn’t only make you a failure - it makes you a complete jerk.’ Ouch.

2. ‘Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 10

The company that speaks with their fists. Not only did Taffer have to break up a full on fist fight between the venue’s manager and their cocktail waitress in the carpark whilst there, he also witnessed the bar’s owner demeaningly hit his own bartender in the face. The owner then continued to bribe another member of his own staff with a $10 hourly raise to throw said bartender through a glass window, prompting Jon Taffer’s first ever on air walk out. And not just of the shot. Taffer completely refused to rescue their bar whatsoever. We don’t blame him. Taffer then told the owner of Iowa bar ‘O Face’, ‘Your bar isn’t what’s wrong, your character is what’s wrong’.

1. ‘Don't Mess with Taffer's Wife’
John Taffer Bar Rescue 11

The most explosive bar rescue of them all. The vile, offensive, and sexually predatory owner of Vegas blues bar, Sand Dollar, calls on Taffer for help reviving his drowning venue. Already known for letching on his guests and employees, this bar owner even turned his so called ‘charms’ on Taffer’s own wife, Nicole. When the owner then started not only putting his hands on Taffer’s wife, but continuing to inappropriately ask about her lady parts, Taffer lost it and left the owner practically trembling in an aggressive face off. This then lead to Taffer allegedly punching him square in the face and they ceased to film. The bar owner then went on to file a lawsuit suing Taffer for his supposed violent outburst. There has been a little speculation about how much of the show’s plot is planned, but at the end of the day, Taffer certainly does know how to pick them. Fighting, nudity, health code violations, embezzlement: it’s all represented here on Bar Rescue. But with 5 seasons and an average of 20 episodes in each, let us tell you, there is far more of where that came from. We have to say though, we’re very glad that Taffer is on a mission to clean up America’s grubbiest, tackiest and worst run bars - for everyone’s sake. We’re even more glad that they filmed it.

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