Working out the true cost of a service is often tricky, especially when it comes to software. Luckily (as always) we are here to help. After looking closely and 1000's of customer accounts we've done the math for you.

What are the REAL costs of Cluboid?

Outgoings continue to go, well out, regardless of whether your venue is bursting at the rafters or just merely breaking even each month. Unfortunately, there are some fees which are fixed irrespective of business: rent, wages, insurance, venue up-keep… the list as we’re sure you’re more than aware, is seemingly endless./p>

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But what if you were to see your revenue rocket and venue hit max capacity? What if every piece of data collected from your venue specifically helped target drumming up even more business? What if your staffs time was bought back by automating all CRM tasks that are time-consuming and arduous? Not such a deficit now, right?/p>

Not only accommodating the smooth-running of the booking process itself using website integration, Cluboid also hands you a big ol’ pile of potential business by automating your marketing using data collected from your clientele. By using the Cluboid software, what you’ve done in essence, is squeeze much more out of what was already written off as ‘expenditure’ by drumming up business on your behalf. In a nutshell, using Cluboid guarantees that your overheads are being met with more paying customers. Bish, bash, bosh - your ROI goes up.

You’re probably thinking ‘that’s all well and good, but then why would I take on another outgoing? Isn’t that counterproductive?’ Actually no, it isn’t. It’s profitable. Let’s look at the numbers in relation to the cost of the Cluboid Software: A monthly fee of $99 dollars is quickly eradicated when you note that the average bar spend per person is $40. That means we only need to secure you 3 additional customers a month to actually turn a profit. On average, Cluboid’s use of automated marketing generates 7 new bookings per month with an average group size of 3.

7 bookings x 3 guests per party = 21 guests
30 x $40 (AVG bar spend) = $8400

Unfortunately, bookings can and do fall through from time to time - we get that - an average of 50% in fact will flake out entirely. With Cluboid reminders, cancellation rates are drastically reduced to that of 25%, meaning that you still get the full force of 75% of them coming your way.

$840 x 0.75 = $630 → $630 - $99 (Cluboid fee) = a minimum profit of $531

With a minimum monthly profit of $531, Cluboid’s software has not only paid for itself but bought you a little something too. Jobs that you may have needed to cough up extra to outsource - like data capture - are also done in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost:

Cost of your average data capturer: $18p/h* x 4 hour shift = $72

By comparison, Cluboid will compile all of that for you at a cost of just 50¢, equating to a saving of over 99%. And that’s just if you chose to do data capture once a month. You can also free up staff time by allowing us to take care of booking follow-ups, efficiently securing that all-important business so you don’t have to. So to answer the question: ‘How much does Cluboid cost?’ The answer would quite simply be: Nothing. We fill up your venue - you continue to let us fill up your venue. Everybody wins. In life, there’s no such thing a free lunch, that’s true. But we’re very, very close.

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Tilly Williams is a regular writer at Cluboid focused on helping large and small businesses achieve better bookings and reservations.

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