Why bother with data capture? We take a look into the reasons behind the data collection hype, and how making small incremental changes to your booking format can help you amass a whole load of helpful info for future use.

Nightclub & Bar Data Collection: Why Do It?

Whichever way you look at it, over the last 300 years ,data has been the powerhouse behind all successful businesses, and they all have one thing in common, Data; How they collected it, and what they did with it. With the pressures on nightlife businesses at an all time high perhaps now is the time to take action and lead your company into the future of nightclub & bar marketing.

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"With more marketing data, we can reach out to more potential customers"

Big data is big business in the current internet shaped economy, and the more precise your data set is the more money it’s worth. More data equals more customers.

With more marketing data, we can reach out to more potential customers, touch base with previous customers, and segment current customers, pinpointing the precise audience we know provide the best spend in the venue per head.

So how should you go about data collecting for a bar or nightclub business?

Let’s begin the process.

Establish what data we need to collect. In the events industry four vital pieces of information we require about a customer are their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. Collecting more data can be useful (if you can find a use for it) BUT the more data you require a user to provide, the less data you will overall collect. Don’t make life too hard for your customers by demanding they fill out a long signup process.

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"Unhappy customers unsubscribe. Happy customers recommend your venue."

Own the data outright. Sharing data with a 3rd party is a non-starter, databases of this type are often encounter large unsubscribe and spam rates reducing the value. Besides do you really want your customer data potentially sold to competitors?

Be creative. Ask customers to provide personal details in as many avenues as possible in your venue, and reward them for doing so. Cluboid automatically collects data from all lead applications, ticket purchases, and customer check-ins, but you could always collect some data yourself via cloak room tickets, and in venue during the night if you’re not using our software.

Curate your database: Looking after your database is looking after your customers, spam rates and unsubscribe rates matter. The more of these you get means the more work you need to do to keep your customers happy. Unhappy customers unsubscribe. Happy customers recommend your venue.

The results speak for themselves

Fast forward a little and let’s assume you’re using Cluboid to automate the process of data collection. Or alternatively, you have assigned a member of your team to collect people\'s details via an Ipad or a list by hand in the venue on each night you are open.

Nightclub and bar data collection tips 3
"Data collection, it may seem a little boring, but it will make all the difference"

On average a venue will hold 250 guests and on opening night a venue is sure to sell out.

So let’s assume we have the data of a third of these people (as you will have collected this from a ticket, guestlist, or table booking and on average a group size it typically 3 people) and we collect the data of 50% of those in the venue at the event. By the end of the first night you will have a database of 208 potential future customers.

We then reach out to this data with email and sms marketing bringing back on average 2/3 of the customers within the next month. This compounds the effect of the data collection. From just an attendance of one booking on the first night, by the end of the first year the database will have grown by 4000%.

Data collection, it may seem a little boring, but it will make all the difference in one year\'s time between a venue at capacity and a venue wondering where it all went wrong.

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