Stat-driven steps for upping your web traffic, writing the best possible ads and increasing your website click-throughs, using the wonderful tech tool that is Google Adwords.

Promoting events with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a powerful way to direct an army of potential clubbers straight to your venue’s website and clicking those magic 'buy ticket' and 'reserve table' buttons.

Promoting events with Google Adwords 1

"Google Adwords is a powerful way to direct an army of potential clubbers"

In a past life, many of the Cluboid team worked in Online Advertising and event promotions for years, creating campaigns for some of the UK’s largest venues and we\'d like to pass this knowledge on to you. These simple techniques will work the same for your venue as they do the largest bar and nightclub brands.

Why Google Ads?

The huge benefit to using Search ads is that people are already looking for the type of event you're promoting. All we have to do is let them know you're there.

Another big plus is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad - this allows you to accurately measure your Return On Investment. You also set a daily limit on these clicks so you won\'t get any surprise bills from Google.

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Let's Get Started With Google Adwords
Step 1

Go to and set up an account. You'll need a Google account login (Gmail or YouTube will work).

Google also has a hotline that you can call if you need a hand setting it up - mostly there are just a few step-by-step forms to fill in, pretty simple.

Step 2

Once your account is set up, you're ready to create your first ad campaign. Here’s where you choose the targeting options for your campaign (what sort of devices (Mobile or Desktop), whether your ads will run on the 'Search Network' or the 'Display Network' and which countries or regions you'll target. Click on "Create your first campaign" near the top left hand corner of your screen.

We want to target the Search Network only as well as Desktops. Only target Mobiles if you have a Mobile-Optimised website (again, we can help you with that if you'd like to contact us). Mostly the other default options on Campaign Settings are good to go. Hit 'next'.

Promoting events with Google Adwords 6
Step 3

Next, we need to think about the sort of phrases people would type into Google if they were looking for your venue.

Something like 'Example Club Guestlist', 'Example Club Booking' or 'Example Club Tickets' would work well. It is worth considering advertising for your venues name 'Example Club' as competitors are allowed within Google to display their adverts to anyone searching for you brand name. You can also drill these down to your city or town. Be careful with targeting too narrowly though, we want a large enough group of people to see your ads and click on them.

Pick 5-10 phrases or keywords. Make sure they have 3 or 4 words in each phrase. You want to align your phrases with a customer's 'intent'. We don't want people clicking on ads that aren't super relevant to either buying a ticket, joining a guestlist, reserving a table, or rocking up the night. Otherwise budgets can be wasted.

Writing The Perfect Advert

Now we craft our ads. Here's an sample of a strong performing ad running in London UK right now.

Promoting events with Google Adwords 3
"We've seen our own adverts reach over 5% Click Through Rate (Google says that 1% is good)."

We've seen our own adverts reach over 5% Click Through Rate (Google says that 1% is good). This means that for every 100 impressions, 5 people will click on the ad. Google rewards this strong performance with lower Costs Per Click so over time you can further improve the performance of your campaigns.

You'll notice that every word is Capitalised. This is a proven method for helping with skim reading Key Words so that they jump out at you without Having To Read the Whole Sentence.

Try to fit the keyword phrases that you will target (next step) into your Ad copy. You only have limited characters in each line so use them wisely. Set up a few ads and have them rotate evenly - this way you can test which ads perform the best after only a few days. Turn off the ads that perform at less than 1% click through rates.

Now Comes The Fun Bit

Now comes the fun part - launching your campaign. The early stage (around the first 2-3 weeks) is all about optimising your campaign to get the best performance possible.

Monitor your keywords for 3 things:

1) Quality Score: You want this to be at a 7/10 or higher. There are many factors that go into quality score, but mostly it's about relevancy between the keyword phrases you are targeting, the copy in your ads and the copy in the website your ads are linking to.

Promoting events with Google Adwords 4
"Quality Score: You want this to be at a 7/10 or higher"
Promoting events with Google Adwords 8

2) Cost Per Click Bid (and Position): Monitor your bid amount. This is like a live virtual auction. This will go up depending on how many other people are bidding on those phrases in your area. Everyone is bidding to get the higher position. The best performing ads are at #1.

3) Click Through Rate: Make sure these are at 1% or higher. If not, you need to check the relevancy of your ads and your website the ads link to. Google penalises low Click Through Rates and Quality Scores with higher Costs Per Click which will make your campaigns not perform to their best.

4) One keyword per ad group: The reason why this ad is better and more relevant is because you have the keyword you're bidding on in the ad itself. Perfect message match. Higher relevancy = higher click-through rate = higher Quality Score = lower cost per click = lower cost per conversion.

Once you have these ticking along, you can almost set and forget them - just check in and monitor them a couple of times a month and adjust your daily budgets to suit and welcome new customers to your venue!

About the Author

Cai Buwkowski is a regular writer at Cluboid focused on helping large and small businesses achieve better bookings and reservations.

You can read more posts by Cai on our blog.

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