6 on Broadstreet Nightclub & Bar Birmingham

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What's The Score

In the beginning, the world was created in six days. We can only assume therefore that 6 on Broadstreet is Birmingham’s own divine nightclub miracle. As the latest addition to Birmingham’s clubbing roster, 6 caters to the eclectic with - you guessed it – six rooms. Split over two different floors; the elation at 6 is literally through the roof. A club with more faces than that of the many-faced Gods, you can get down with Daft Punk, cosy up to Kanye and boogie with the Beach Boys all in one place!

The Venue

Located smack bang in the middle of Broad Street and lit up like the Tardis in a time warp; this club cannot be missed. Using enough electricity to cause surges in the National Grid; the venue is lit up brighter than the Christmas tree at the Rockerfeller Center. It does however mean that only the best dancers are brave enough to bust a move, which, let’s be honest, isn’t always a bad thing… With more rooms than a Premier Inn, it’s hard to not find something that you like at 6 on Broadstreet. The main room features a huge dancefloor surrounded by plush seating more comfortable than your bed at home. Heading upstairs towards the Labyrinth (no, not the musical has-been), a series of tunnels lead you off into the different club rooms. Although more Isle of Fernando’s than Tobago, the “love shack” proves popular with couples looking to cosy up after enjoying a rendition of Zayn Malik’s Pillow talk in the RnB room. If Rhythm and Blues isn’t your thing (and the Deep House downstairs isn’t tickling your fancy,) then what can only be accurately described as the “Cheese Room” might be more your cup of tea. With a retro dancefloor that lights up like a rubik’s cube with every step, neon lights and more mirrors than a house of illusions, it is hard not to remain entertained.

6 on Broadstreet Nightclub & Bar

Music: House, RnB, Garage, Commercial, Pop, Dance
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 2000
Train Station: Birmingham New Street
Address: 6 on Broadstreet, 259-262 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF

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Beats & Booze

With craft beer in the form of Blue Moon on tap satisfying those with an iron stomach, the usual easy mixers, and the more killer concoctions devised by specially trained cocktail waiters - there really is a drink for everyone. Whether you’re balling or cleaning out your wallet’s cobwebs, 6 is sure to cater to every budget. Friday night is ‘Tokyo’, one of Birmingham’s busiest nights, hosting everything from Pop and RnB to House and Jazz. Despite it being a Friday, doubling up will only cost an extra £1.50, which isn’t exactly going to damage the purse strings. 6 also puts on all sorts of events throughout the week, with its student nights proving extremely popular (though we think it might have a lot to do with the £2.50 double vodkas…) The venue hosts some of the freshest DJs from Birmingham’s up and coming musical scene, which means that you are occasionally treated to an exclusive floor-filler before the rest of the British public has even tuned in, and who doesn’t love an exclusive?

The Scene

The venue explicitly states: no hoodies or trainers, which we thought was always a given, but apparently not in England’s second city. Regardless, the dress code is not overly strict, with a nice indie t-shirt and some smart black trainers also making the cut. The vibe is therefore a lot more student-friendly than most other clubs on a weekend, which gives the club a relaxed feel as everyone attempts to get loose ready for the weekend. The endless rainbow of neon colours and bright flashing strobes put a smile on everybody’s face, the crowd moving as one seemingly slow-motion wave. Although remember: when in strobe, it is obligatory to deploy the ‘Mr Roboto’.

The Final Word

6 is the easiest and most guilt-free choice you can make when venturing out for the night in Birmingham. Step into the Tardis that is the city’s newest mega-club and find yourself teleported into the new age of clubbing. Being literally spoilt for choice in terms of what it can offer means there is no question that whatever kind of weekend you had in mind, you can find it at 6. Going somewhere else just simply isn’t worth the gamble – if you’re going to roll the dice, it’ll be a 6 every time.