Bambu Nightclub Birmingham

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What's The Score

All aboard the Orient Express! Well, it’s not strictly a train but rather Chinatown’s hottest superclub known to the concrete junglers as Bambu; a classy establishment with an upmarket feel straight from the East. This self-proclaimed “jewel in the crown of the Midlands party scene” definitely brings the goods to match its swagger having recently celebrated a whole decade on the circuit. We may not be pandas, but we certainly feel inclined to make Bambu a staple part of our diet.

The Venue

Unlike Rimmel, Bambu isn’t remotely interested in getting “the London Look”. Instead, Bambu is more about channelling the sensual, mysterious vibes of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Marrakech. The rooms are decked out in leather and plush velour, complete with hanging drapes and lamps, giving the place a warm indulgent feel. Keeping watch of the dancefloor is Bambu’s twelve foot resident Buddha, bringing prosperity to those looking to get lucky. If you haven’t managed to “find yourself” on a trip to Thailand yet, you needed bother now as Bambu is all the temple you need albeit more ‘banging beats’ than ‘pagoda of peace’. As well as the interior, Bambu has also given thought to its outside – producing a Moroccan-themed garden that oozes class with pretty tiling and, of course, bamboo. This is quite possibly the highest quality smoking area we have come across – which makes a nice change to being shunted out the fire exit.

Bambu Nightclub

Music: Pop, House, RnB, Grime, Club Classic
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 900
Train Station: Birmingham New Street
Address: Bambu, Kotwall House, Birmingham, B5 4RT

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Beats & Booze

Grey Goose seems to be as popular as your classic pint in this establishment, while Dom Perignon flows like a waterfall into the mouths of the lucky ones in the big expensive booths. It is safe to say that you’ll need a fat wallet to enjoy a good drink at Bambu as the place is evidently built for luxury, and that is what you will get – so expect to pay the premium for it. In terms of beats, the club features a heavy playlist of deep House and RnB, with the occasional pop classic thrown in. More East Coast than East Asia (we’re not too sure about k-pop just yet), Bambu throws down tune after tune until the early hours. It may be a little less versatile than some clubs due to the music’s urban inclination, but if you do one thing well, why not stick to it? Hosting 900 people every Friday and Saturday should be testament to that!

The Scene

Bambu is one of the few clubs in Birmingham operating a strict door policy. With big burly bouncers and a fierce looking lady with a clipboard, make sure you are dressed to impress or you’re outta here! In actuality, the unrelenting door staff only add to the exclusive feel of the club. Bambu only wants the crème de la crème –so it’s a nice confidence boost if you’re in ...and we’re sure totally soul-crushing if not, so definitely dig out the gladrags before venturing here. Bambu is a mecca for little black dresses and top notch tailoring, making it Birmingham’s premium quality party-spot for luxury and indulgence.

The Final Word

Prepare to be absolutely bambuzled by the outstanding interior and god-like deities walking around, sippin’ on gin and juice. Bambu is one of the front runners on the Birmingham club circuit, and although embedded in the popular entertainment venue ‘The Arcadian’, Bambu refuses to be outshone. It isn’t somewhere that your bank account would be too happy for you to visit every weekend, mind, so just beware of the premium pricetags. You do get what you pay for though as Bambu’s consistently solid lineup of DJ’s will not only have you on your feet but bouncing around so much, that your pedometer will think you’ve done the length of the Great Wall. Bambu: we salute you.