Bar Fibre Bar Leeds

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What's The Score

Bar Fibre: The venue that seemingly never sleeps, but instead dedicates its time to top-tier hospitality, King (...or rather Queen) of the Lower Briggate LGBT district. Often dubbed ‘The Best Club in Leeds’, Bar Fibre has stood the test of time, first opening its doors in the year 2000. Coincidentally, so did Big Brother but we certainly know which of the 2 is still actually worth watching. Since its inception at the strike of millennium, Bar Fibre has only grown in success, expanding both its clientele and its floor space. What was once 1 floor has now become 4. A bit like that Spice Girls song. Although unlike pedal-pushers and puffa jackets, Bar Fibre has managed to stay very much on-trend.

The Venue

Bar Fibre’s interior is super sexy and exquisitely designed -every detail seems meticulously thought out and as if placed with a purpose. The newly-refurbed first floor feels sultry and indulgent, awash with rich purple, emerald and blood orange. Looking up, you’ll see the ceilings are wallpapered with monochrome images of skimpy ladies and popular showbiz icons looking fabulous, this is certainly the liveliest of the floors. The second tier has a quaint covered terrace overlooking the cobblestone courtyard, which at night is dotted with fairy lights. The third and fourth floors are slightly more exclusive: Third being primarily used for private functions and the fourth: a decadent ‘Penthouse Suite’ requiring special members only privileges. Ooooh. It’s really evident that this immaculate club is all about showmanship and aesthetic. Which as a paying customer, we are very grateful for, and it’s nice to see that they take as much pride in serving their daytime coffees as they do their evening tipples. Bar Fibre has free entry Friday and Saturday night which also saves a few pennies, and closing at 4am, you’d certainly get your money’s worth.

Bar Fibre Bar

Music: Electro, Chart, House, Funk, Commercial
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 300
Train Station: Leeds Central Rail
Address: Bar Fibre, 168 Lower Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6LY

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Beats & Booze

Wednesday nights at Bar Fibre see an impressive influx of live music. Alternating events ‘Fibre Unplugged’ and ‘Piano & Prosecco’ work tirelessly to bring you the most exciting local singer/songwriters, guitarists, percussionists and sax players. Staff work from swish looking tablets mounted at the bar for the most efficient of service. It’s also nice to see that the bar staff clearly really enjoy what they do, which is super refreshing. They’ve even been known to dance on the bar. Not for donations or anything, just for banter. Bar Fibre’s drinks promotions are probably the best you’ll find in Leeds- it feels as though they’re practically giving them away. You can be looking at £2 a drink up until 5pm, then the 2-for-1 kicks in right the way through until 8. What’s better than a cocktail at Fibre? That’s right, 2 cocktails at Fibre. With champagne by the glass and ‘Happy hour’ every single day of the week, you name your poison and you can get it for pocket change. Fibre’s fantastic quality audio ensures club-goers experience the best bass around, but we wouldn’t expect anything less of such a place. It’s slightly more geared at funky, vocal-heavy house music but from time to time, will also drop a bit of Chart for your listening pleasure. But that’s not all. Fibre has something special in store for those long-awaited Bank Holidays. The folks of Leeds arrive in their droves to party al fresco at Fibre’s well revered ‘Courtyard Parties’. With guest DJ’s and an exciting buzz in the air, you can get your drink on while the sunsets overhead.

The Scene

As a predominantly LGBT venue, Bar Fibre is typically a gay hangout. Having said that, it’s definitely not a venue that will positively discriminate. Bar Fibre is uber trendy, therefore it’s pretty well understood that there’s strictly no admittance for roughians. You will have to put on your Sunday glad rags if you stand a chance of making it past the doorman’s thorough vetting. Although, thankfully it’s Bar Fibre very stringent ‘No trouble-makers’ policy that means you can enjoy your night with an inherent sense of safety. Fibre is also Leeds’ most popular venue for ‘Tgirl’ events, hosting a monthly ‘Leeds First Friday’ night. No more of those boring gender binaries: it’s all love here, with unisex bathrooms to boot. Thursdays at Fibre are student night, serving drinks for a shocking £2.50 until 5am. We thought a blazer and tie might do it, but unfortunately, Student ID is required for entry. Damn. But seeing as Fibre really know how to take care of their flock, we’re happy to just enjoy one of their complimentary balcony BBQs instead. Another free burger? Oh go on then.

The Final Word

There is now no need to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Nutritionally speaking, there may be no fibre in a cocktail, but there’s certainly a lot of cocktails at Bar Fibre so get your behind over there. If you’re on the lookout for a club for the beautiful people then you really need look no further. You’d usually have to spend a pretty penny to visit a place with standards as such, but with drinks promotions second to none and just 20 quid in your pocket, you can now have the best of both worlds. We mean, any club that is decorated with Tiffany lamps and hosts a ‘Win a diamond’ competition is fiiiine us by us. Bar Fibre is nothing short of Absolutely Fabulous. We’re on our way, Sweetie.