Birthdays Bar London

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What's The Score

Self-proclaimed ‘two-floor fun factory’ Birthdays is quickly making a name for itself as London’s new, up and coming mini-club. Hidden underneath a humble diner-bar in Dalston, party animals are losing their mind for VICE’s shot at the London party scene. With insanely impressive grub from Psychic Burger, live music, fashion and booze all accounted for, Birthdays definitely is somewhere to write home about.

The Venue

Made from a converted retail outlet, Birthdays' interior is unlike any joint we’ve seen yet. The ground floor is brightly coloured with industrial interior and funky fluorescent lighting endowed with a casual diner vibe. The basement level is however completely and utterly buzzing with enthusiasm. It’s relatively small down there, but that just makes everyone get extra up close and personal. (‘Sorry was that your foot? Let me get you a drink.’) Entry to the bar level is free but basement access is charged somewhere between 5 and 15 quid depending on the event so make sure to check the website.

Birthdays Bar

Music: Electro, Synth Pop, Indie, Live, Acoustic
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 250
Train Station: Dalston Kingsland
Address: Birthdays, 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BJ

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Beats & Booze

Great choice of beers and the best Margaritas in town, which are certainly not shy of the good stuff. Birthdays has also managed to tot up an extremely impressive catalogue of guest performers such as Mystery Jets and The Cribs. They also put on DJ sets four nights a week, and live music in the basement any chance they get. The crowd here really know how to cut loose, so it does get a little crazy from time to time, crowd-surfing and the like, so don’t expect to walk out looking like Britain’s Next Top Model. Try: sweaty with sex-hair. (from the manic dancing obviously, nothing lude- you animals).

The Scene

Owned by VICE, with live sets and album launches from huge names such as Bloc Party and Iggy Azalea, we’re thinking this one’s onto a winner. That’s some pretty reputable backing if you ask us. Birthdays is every inch as cool as it’s VICE counterpart with not only music but style too. Birthdays holds a wardrobe sale every month called ‘The Stylist Rail’, allowing fashion conscious clubbers the chance to sift through rails and rails of cool vintage wear. Bought a new outfit and are now desperate to have an excuse to wear it? Oh wait, this place is club too! We see what you did there Birthdays- you little devil. Smart.

The Final Word

Birthdays is a total hidden gem! In fact, to most passers by it just appears to be a little modest diner, yet step down into the basement to experience one of the best and wildest nights out in Dalston. Birthdays is the embodiment of London’s iconic underground scene, which is pretty convenient seeing as it quite literally is underground. We’re pretty curious to know what it’s like to celebrate a birthday here… a birthday within a Birthday. Woah man, that’s like, Birthday-ception.