Building Six Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Eggs, Beer, Muffins.. Perfect examples that the best things come in 6, not the most depressing shopping list of all time. Inside London’s monumental o2, Building Six (previously Matter, then Proud 2) is the venue that many are dubbing ‘London’s new clubbing cathedral’. To be honest, we didn’t know there was a building 1-through-5. As it’s right on the edge of the O2 you’d be forgiven for expecting a cold, somewhat uncool venue strictly for Celine Dion concerts… But no, in fact Building Six is Greenwich’s hottest ticket, slapping you right across the chops with it’s three floors, first class VIP area and body shocking sound system. Sorry Celine, your Heart will have to go on elsewhere babes, we’ve got some serious clubbing to do.

The Venue

The first thing that you notice is the size of the place. Think of the biggest club you’ve ever been to... double it, Son - that’s how epic this place is. With an astronomical 3000 person capacity, it’s almost more like a ballroom setup except hypermodern. Kitted out with industrial smoke machines and blue and red LEDs, Building Six is like clubbing on The Red Dwarf. There are 3 floors in total, 2 of which overlook the main dancefloor on the ground tier, the third being the ground floor itself. The third floor is the VIP area the incredible views from the caged bridge that runs right across the club with an unprecedented view of the DJ booth. You get a real sense of vastness at Building Six, although admittedly, not ideal for those with vertigo. Our favourite feature however, is the outdoor terrace, complete with heaters, it’s very own bar, fastfood station and beds. The cosy kind, nothing sordid. Keep your mind out of the gutter, you.

Building Six Nightclub

Music: Dance, House, Commercial, DnB, Garage, RnB, Hip Hop
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 3000
Train Station: North Greenwich
Address: Building Six, The O2, London, SE10 0DX

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Beats & Booze

Skrillex, Jack Beats, Bondax, Breach, DJ Fresh, & Shy FX - clubbing royalty flock to Building Six. They’ve managed to seamlessly blend old school rave with new school two step and house, so for that we applaud them. Even if this isn’t your scene, you can’t help but dance along with the bouncing mass of bodies around you to the thunderclap of a sound system so strong your rib cage will shake. We’re not kidding - Building Six have ‘Body Kinetic’ technology installed meaning the dance floor is actually sound-activated, reacting to bass. You can literally feel the music pulsing up through you. The booze is pretty standard for this kind of venue- nothing too heavy or wallet burning, just a short and sweet menu similar to that of a gig-venue. We’re not complaining mind, this place is definitely more about the immersive clubbing experience than the refreshments.

The Scene

We would seriously advocate getting yourself into VIP as one of those cheeky wristbands will grant you free drinks all night, so whilst you’re propping up the bar and trying to play it cool, you can take full advantage of the bottomless drink it affords you until eventually it’s the bar that is doing most of the propping. The clientele here are pretty varied so it offers a pretty different experience depending on where abouts you plonk yourself. The VIP is full of your sharply dressed socialites and media types, whereas right in the nitty gritty of the dance floor you’ll find the scene switches back to the authentic South Landaaan vibe - a sea of beanies and gold chains.

The Final Word

We don’t know if this particular plot was previously built on an Ancient Indian burial ground or something, but there seemed to be somewhat of a curse at work here. No other venue had stood the test of time in this space, meaning the plot was constantly recycled and rebranded but finally, it seems Building Six has fit in perfectly like a puzzle piece. In a nutshell: Building Six is a hyper-energetic “blank canvas event space” which serves up thundering bass and a booker that really knows their stuff. The sound system here is really something that needs to be felt to be understood - it’s nothing short of euphoric. We’re still a little baffled by the maths though. Building 6 what? What are you building 6 of?!