Bunga Bunga Bar London

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What's The Score

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about one day visiting the beautiful city of Rome? Sailing along the streets of Venice in a gondola whilst your loved one feeds you strawberries? Maybe you’re just bored of Chicago Town and crave the authentic taste of real Italian pizza. It’s a Friday afternoon and your mind is excited by the prospect of tonight, although you really should finish that spread sheet - that should’ve been done an hour ago. Tonight, for an exotic escape from the 50’ shades of office block, you need look no further than Bunga Bunga, a snazzy Italian bar and pizzeria, certain to fulfil all your Campari and mozzarella needs. That’s right, we said ‘needs’. Water, Shelter, Mozzarella… that’s how it goes no?

The Venue

Located on Battersea Bridge, a 10-15 minute bus ride from Clapham Junction station, this unique bar is conveniently close to the oh so posh borough of Chelsea so don’t be surprised if you encounter a couple of the Made In Chelsea cast. They’re always strutting around Battersea, and some have even been known to have actually made appearances at the bar. Made up of three floors, Bunga Bunga cleverly captures some of the finest and most iconic aspects of Italy itself, featuring a Sistine chapel styled stairway, wall-mounted vespas and a super cool Roman DJ booth. Is this a secret portal into the Vatican? Unfortunately not, but it’s certainly a charming homage. There’s an Italian Rivera themed bar on Bunga Bunga’s top floor too, which serves not one, but five types of Prosecco. I think it is only fair we stopped to try them all, in the name of research of course.

Bunga Bunga Bar

Music: Latin, House, Hip Hop, Funk, Live
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 60
Train Station: Battersea Park
Address: Bunga Bunga, 37 Battersea Bridge Road, London, SW11 3BA

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Beats & Booze

Entertainment-wise, you can expect everything from drag queens to Elvis Presley impersonators, and although we’re fairly sure Elvis grew up in Mississippi, it doesn’t seem to harsh the Italian ambience at all. Bunga Bunga even holds epic karaoke battles every night from 10:30pm where a panel of judges actually reserve the right to buzz you off! Terrifying? Perhaps. Entertaining? Hell yes. When it comes to deals and offers, they don’t skimp there either, offering 2-4-1 cocktails every Wednesday and one full size pizza and a glass of prosecco for a tenner with every Tuesday booking. YAS! For those of you that are students or SW11 members, on Mondays you can grab a £1 pizza when you purchase any item from the menu or a drink. It would take an awfully long time to piss away your student loan Bunga Bunga, but that certainly won’t stop us trying.

The Scene

Well, Italian people aren’t exactly known for being shy and receding are they? Italian’s are extremely expressive and sociable folk, and Bunga Bunga channels this perfectly with a real warmth and vibrancy. Bunga Bunga is for those with a sense of humour and unapologetically love to have fun. Plus, after a few Grappa’s and all the encouragement from your new Italian family, you certainly won’t be feeling shy either- if anything - a little too overconfident perhaps. Karaoke seems much less of a spectator sport now, let us tell you. Bunga Bunga is an over 21 establishment though, so no Grappa for the newly legal unfortunately, instead enticing a smart/casual crowd of trendy twenty-somethings, city slickers and funlovers.

The Final Word

A combination of our two favourite past times: Getting drunk and eating pizza. Bunga Bunga was already onto a winner, so frankly, we’re less than surprised that we love it. Often though, we spend no more than an hour in a bar before we start to get a little restless, but at Bunga Bunga there’s no such chance, with so much to do that you don’t really want to leave. From karaoke and live entertainment to life-changing £1 pizzas and a changing room photo booth, the laughs will be endless and the Italian impressions will be dire, but you’ll leave feeling pretty contento. Look we even picked up some Italian. See, culture.