Cahoots Bar London

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What's The Score

‘I bloomin’ love the tube’. Said no one ever. In fact, when we think about the underground, we tend to associate it with mostly negative things. Enduring strangers’ armpits as they reach for the pole above you, sweaty summer commutes, the slow motion dash for that one available seat. As much of a nightmare as it is though, we are still ever so grateful to have it, even if we don’t admit it. In honour of London’s 1940's underground, we introduce to you, 'Cahoots’: A late night vintage cocktail bar in Kingly Court that will make you fall in love all over again with London’s public transport. Yep, you read that correctly.

The Venue

Cahoots take inspiration from post-war London, with shiny tiled walls along the stairway, wooden escalators, vintage posters, as well as ticket offices, and signs to platforms. One could easily mistake this venue for an actual tube station after a few too many, relentlessly pressing your oyster card against anything in sight that’s yellow. Heavily resembling a 1940's carriage, this bar takes you back in time. The décor is admittedly a lot nicer than what our current underground tube looks like. TFL need to take a leaf from the 1940's. Although the theme is based in the 40's, it still has that slight modern twist, so no - you don’t have to dress like you’re in the 1940's. A lot of folk do though so, why not go all out with the red lippie and victory curls. Once you arrive you are seated by the waiter, who has taken form of the captain; which just keeps in with the whole theme which is a lovely touch, plus we’ve always liked a man in uniform.

Cahoots Bar

Music: Live, Jazz, Swing, Acoustic, Folk
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 150
Train Station: Piccadilly Circus
Address: Cahoots, Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PG

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Beats & Booze

Everything up to the menu is vintage themed. When you think you’re picking up the newspaper to read the latest headlines, it actually turns out to be a Cahoots drinks menu. As well as tasty drinks, Cahoots also serve up some traditional post-war grub. We’re talking cheese & pickle sandwiches, crumpets with a dollop of golden syrup... If that doesn’t get your British taste buds tingling, we’re afraid we don’t quite know what will. Every Saturday, Cahoots offer their Squiffy Picnic to guests - a picnic accompanied by swinging entertainment. First you select your tipple of choice, and then each table receives a hamper with their favourite sarnies and picnic delights. Later in the night, Cahoots crank up the vibe and hosts some playful live entertainment, live music, and round-the-piano sing a longs! The music keeps in tone with the night, including Jazz, Swing, and some good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Scene

Cahoots attract the usual after work drinks crowd, groups of friends, mostly around 21-30 year olds. Tourists are also popular among the crowd, and you can understand why. If you happen to know anyone visiting London, it’s worth taking them for a trip to Cahoots, so they can grasp the real taste of London’s history in the coolest way possible. It is slightly on the dearer side, so not ideal for the pennyscrimpers with cocktails coming to around £10 or £11 a pop, but for the pure immersion and authenticity of the place, we’d say it was well worth the investment. They do have an over 21-age policy though, so sorry younger folks, you’ve got to wait a little bit longer for your Cahoots ration book.

The Final Word

Unique, quirky bars unlike any others are undoubtedly the most fun - traditional bars are so last year. One thing to note is that you may not always be seated in the main carriage section of the bar, which is principally the star of the show so be sure to ask for the best seat in house for the full Cahoots experience. Open till late all week, don’t sleep on this super quirky, vintage bar that is one of London’s must sees, even if you do take the tube every day. It’s far more enjoyable with a drink in your hand, that’s for sure. Sadly, we don’t think we’d get away with that Monday through Friday though.