Club 49 Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Ever noticed how the swankier venues around tend to look a bit dull? Peaking into the first class lounge doesn’t always look especially fun, does it? You’re usually just met with huffs, scowls and the frowny faces of the oppressed and unenlightened - albeit money-rich. It’s just all a bit serious for our liking. Well not anymore - Enter Club 49 - offering ‘sophistication with a smile’. In the heart of Soho, Club 49 is an affordable answer to your partying prayers, helping to inject a bit of class (and more importantly, fun!) into your cocktail night. Finally a deluxe West End venue without a stick up it’s wotsit.

The Venue

Housed between various chic restaurants and buildings, Club 49 is a trendy, no frills cocktail bar. It actually looks a bit like a casino from the outside, but once indoors you’re met with a very sleek, plush looking venue. Upstairs is where you’ll find the main bar space - which is cool and open-plan, dotted with leather sofas. Further back there’s yet more seating, this time booth-style, and often reserved for larger parties or groups as it comes with it’s own separate bar. Ladies, get in formation, as when you head downstairs you’ll spot the DJ booth and dancefloor. The lighting is atmospheric - if a little dark. But hey! Who doesn’t look great in the dark, right?

Club 49 Nightclub

Music: Commercial, Chart, Pop, Hip Hop, House, Jazz
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 225
Train Station: Tottenham Court Road
Address: Club 49, 49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG

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Beats & Booze

At the weekend, downstairs is full to bursting with clubbers dancing to a mish mash of RnB, House and Club classics. A resident DJ takes over the club most nights during the week, but on occasion Club 49 mix things up with an event or two- the jazz nights in particular are great, working perfectly in the intimate context of Club 49’s location. Happy hour takes over from Monday to Thursday between 6 and 10 meaning a double spirit and mixer costs just £4.80 and bottles of beer (Corona, Budweiser and Peroni) are available from as little as £2.75. What a Bargain! There’s also a bloomin’ huge selection of delicious cocktails to choose from, well over 40 in fact. Even those bad boys will only set you back around £8, or £5 during happy hour.

The Scene

Clientele wise, Club 49 is Soho all over. It’s glitzy and cosmopolitan, and everything we love about central London. On weekday evenings you can expect to see beautiful, elegant ladies sipping on kaleidoscopic cocktails and a sea of sharply dressed men although it does tend to entice those within the 18-30 age bracket. Riotously successful drag accompaniment comes in the shape of ‘Smiley Vyrus’, regularly presenting Club 49’s popular event: ‘Room Service’. YAAAAS. The vibe here is somewhat contradictory. The general atmosphere is that of a chilled bar but at the same time, you’re very aware that a congo could kick off at any moment. If the mood strikes, or a drink with a sparkler comes out- that’s it, party mode initiated. They’ve also got some pretty mean Lebanese food-platters going here, so don’t miss out on those either!

The Final Word

It makes a real difference for a West End venue to be so affable. Everyone from the security to the bar staff seem very happy to help, which if you ask us, is definitely the best way to encourage returned custom. So many high end venues are all the more concerned with looking the part, that they kind of forget that they forget the ‘hospitable’ part of hospitality. Club 49 on the other hand, deliver good old-fashioned service with a smile putting it a definite notch above its immediate competition. Why yes, we will have another Cucumber and Melon martini, thank you. Since you asked so nicely...