LIV Nightclub Manchester

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What's The Score

Its payday weekend and you’re feeling flush. You’ve got money to burn and you don’t fancy spending it in any old Manchester bar - you want to go somewhere a little more special. You want to go somewhere exclusive; somewhere that will make you feel classy, beautiful and popular like sitting with Regina George at the cool table. Basically, you want to feel like a celebrity – and you’re willing to pay for the experience. If you can relate to this, you should get down to Club LIV on Deansgate, right next to the Albert Hall. The exclusive club is home to Manchester’s elite, and all of the customers are smartly dressed and stylish. We decided to check it out; after all, you only LIV once, right?

The Venue

Club LIV is one of the most talked about venues in Manchester, and when you walk in you can see why. Expensive cocktails are served from a luxurious marble bar, and the walls are lined with private leather booths where guests can drink Champagne and feel seriously VIP. The building is smaller than expected, but somehow that just adds to the exclusive edge. The décor is stylish and extravagant, and the wall of fluorescent LED lights is picturesque (although it would probably give you a banging headache if you looked at it for too long). The second you walk in, you feel like you are transported to another world; albeit a very expensive world. Everything in the room screams affluence, so if you like the classier silver-spoon-side of life, you’ll fit right in.

LIV Nightclub

Music: RnB, Hip Hop, Commercial, House
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 300
Train Station: Deansgate
Address: LIV, 23 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR

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Beats & Booze

If you appreciate a good DJ, you’ll enjoy the music scene at Club LIV. Their resident DJs know exactly how to get the whole club dancing with a fast-paced mix of House, R’n’B, Hip Hop and Pop. The club was filled with people busting out their best moves, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The club has a varied cocktail menu, and every drink we ordered was fresh, fruity and delicious – but at over £10 each, so they bloomin’ should be. For this reason, we recommend that you finish your drink at the bar before moving to the dance floor. No-one wants their £10 drink to be knocked out of their hands- it'd be less painful to actually burn the money!

The Scene

Club LIV is a place for people who enjoy the high life, and the venue is exclusively filled with men in suits and women in tight bodycon dresses. If you’re planning on going, take some extra time getting ready; you’ll need to make sure that your shirt is ironed, and that no labels are sticking out of your clothes - especially if they’re not designer. This is a venue that expects its customers to scrub up – there is a strict high-heels only policy for women - and you will be refused entry if the bouncers don’t think you look swish enough. However, if you do get in you will be treated like a very important person. The club is often frequented by celebrities and football players, and anyone who makes it through the door can expect the best possible service.

The Final Word

Club LIV is a lot of fun, and the drinks and music are certainly first class. There is a bit of a Stepford Wives feel to the venue; everyone seems to dress and looks the same, although admittedly the look that reigns supreme is ‘gorgeous’. The club is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, and it exclusively caters to the wealthy, the famous – oh, and all those showy ‘weekend millionaires’. You know, the ones that burn right through their pay packets trying to look ‘baller’ but by Monday are straaangely less forthcoming. We do recommend that you try one of the cocktails though; they are perhaps the best in Manchester. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the venue is called Club LIV, we have the answer for you. Turns out, it’s ‘54’ in Roman numerals - club owner Mo Mohamud’s favourite number. Wonder if that is an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question?