Mission Nightclub Leeds

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What's The Score

Warning! Mission may contain scenes of nudity and excessive, gratuitous fun. This club contains chaos that some viewers may find outrageous. High-energy superclub, Mission, is the hangout for the movers and shakers of The North Country. Not one for the faint-hearted, Mission is geared at the more committed clubbers and old school ravers who love getting right in the thick of the sweaty dancefloor action. We would say ‘it’s getting hot in here, so take off all of your clothes’ but it seems most of them didn’t come in very much to begin with...

The Venue

Mission is hidden under the Leeds train station arches, making it pole position for catching that first train home, because trust us, you’re not escaping until daybreak. Mission is kitted out with top notch LED displays, smoke machines, strobe lights and confetti cannons so you might say somewhat of a spectacle. The curved tunnel ceilings give the venue a cool underground vibe, which is still super slick due to the shiny chrome finish. The whole place feels alive with excitement and the great thing is: as it’s all about the music, no one really cares what they look like. In fact, you look super out of place if you’re not a complete Sweaty Betty. Sweat is actually a sort of prestige, you earned that.

Mission Nightclub

Music: House, Techno, Dance, Grime, Pop, Commercial, Chart
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 1500
Train Station: Leeds Station
Address: Mission, 8 Heaton's Court, Leeds, LS1 4LJ

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Beats & Booze

In terms of music, Mission means business. Attracting musical icons from the the very top of the clubland roster, Mission’s decks have been graced by Tom Zanetti, Laidback Luke, John Dahlbäck and Example. They’ve also previously collaborated with Capital FM for ‘Deckade of Pride’ with a massive 10-hour-takeover, so you can feel safe knowledge that at Mission, you’re always in for a musical treat. Aside from live DJ sets, Mission is a mish-mash of House, Electro, Grime, Techno, Throwback and Bubblegum Pop, even posting their playlists to Soundcloud for a taster of what’s in store. They also host a Sunday After Party with the latest opening hours in Leeds - 4 ‘til 8am. We think that’ll certainly separate the weak from the chaff. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

The Scene

Mission has that unmistakable Ministry of Sound/HedKandi vibe. That palpable energy of the dance tent at Creamfields. Entry can be a little steeper than we’re used to in these parts at £10+ but that depends on the event, some of which you’ll be more than happy to part with a tenner for. Mission is also super LGBT friendly, hosting a weekly ‘HOMO’ night (their terminology not ours!) with free entry before midnight and drinks for as cheap as £1.50. It’s the energy that makes Mission what it is. There are hundreds of blokes with their tops off and girls who may as well have. Everyone completely zones out to the stellar tunes being blasted by some of the most renowned DJs around. Mission invites you to get down and dirty amongst a sea of anonymous faces, their arms waving high above their head. It does look a bit like a room full of people drowning at the deep-end of the Otley Lido, but who cares? They’re clearly having a great time.

The Final Word

It’s pretty funny that Leeds’ largest export was once wool because with a slogan like ‘Sleeping is cheating’, there’ll certainly be no counting sheep here. With uber successful events such as Freak, Insomnia and The Sunday After Party going on into the early hours of the morning, it’s pretty evident that Mission is a nocturnal Nirvana for keen Northern clubbers. Whoever said it was ‘Grim up North’ had clearly never been to Mission.