Cocobananas Bar London

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What's The Score

Bienvenido Muchachos, to the definitive South American fiesta. Cocobananas is a colourful and vibrant venue hidden on Howie Street, Battersea. Proclaiming itself a ‘Casa nocturna’ - which translates to ‘Nocturnal house’ - we know these guys certainly aren’t tucked up in time for the 9 o’clock movie. Get down to Cocobananas to let our Latin cousins give you a lesson in getting carnival crazy.

The Venue

Beach balls, Surfboards and straw hats adorn the walls of Cocobananas. They’ve really gone to town on the holiday theme here. There’s even a washing line of bikini bottoms hoisted freely above the bar which is all a bit evocative of Malia ‘09 when you got overexcited that one time. You might not remember, but Facebook sure does. If you visited expecting actual bananas, you needn’t be disappointed either as our potassium-fueled friend has pride of place in a huge bowl at the bar. We thought this was completely hilarious, but that may have had something to do with the Sangria. We’re thinking the whole ‘bananas’ reference got a little bit lost in translation somewhere along the line. We can’t help thinking of them being like: ‘We must give the people what they came for, Alejandro!’

Cocobananas Bar

Music: Latin, Reggae, Funk, House
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 210
Train Station: Battersea Park
Address: Cocobananas, 37 Battersea Bridge Road, London, SW11 3BA

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Beats & Booze

With a lovely list of fruity concoctions inspired by the sexy South American palate, expect Brazilian sparkling wines and tequila galore, alongside equally exotic flavours such as coconut water, passionfruit and guava. Ironically though- no bananas. Probably because they need them all for display purposes. Cocobananas are completely kitted out with all sorts of spirits, although they tend to err more towards Rum and Cointreau orientated cocktails as is traditional in Brazil. No complaints mind- dos more beach jugs, por favor.

The Scene

It’s difficult to be miserable in this carnival-esque environment really. When you watch the Carnival on telly, everyone seems well chuffed, right? Absolutely loving life they are. We think even if grumpy cat ventured to Cocobananas he’d leave in a sombrero. It’s just that kind of infectious optimism which highlights Cocobananas as a genuinely delightful place to let your hair down. Every single person from the bartenders to the doormen are contagiously smiley and happy to help, which sure makes a change from the standard stoic Londoner. Cocobananas is in actual fact not bananas at all- It’s completely, and awesomely, chill.

The Final Word

Aside from the lovely people and delicious drinks menu, Cocobananas gives you the illusion you’re a million miles from home in a place where you the world is nothing but bunny rabbits and rainbows. Hospitable and welcoming by nature, you’re sure to leave this place feeling both spoilt rotten and suitably worn out- just like a real holiday. Cocobananas sure know how to party with true South American sass, and that unmistakable Latin lunacy. No wonder David Blaine is such a mad one- turns out he’s half Puerto Rican.