Drunken Monkey Bar London

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What's The Score

Drunken Monkey by name, drunken monkey by nature. That’s right, this venue is the perfect spot for some inebriated mischief, or monkey business if you will. We’re not sure if it’s perhaps the glow from the gorgeous red lanterns or the magic that accompanies the rest of the Eastern inspired décor, but Drunken Monkey lights the fire of excitement in the pit of our bellies. That and the killer dim sum served around the clock, of course. Drunken Monkey provides an alternative vibe to the usual Shoreditch landscape with some delightful dishes, colourful ambience and some of the best Funk, House and Soul DJs for easing you into the groove of the weekend.

The Venue

The Drunken Monkey is part classic cocktail bar and part dim sum paradise. Just minutes from Liverpool Street and Shoreditch overground station, corner cove Drunken Monkey has been in the heart of Shoreditch for 14 years, and is recognised by bar-lovers all over the world. Not only acclaimed by every part of the world, the Drunken Monkey is perfect for any time of day, which is just as well as we could easily do all 3 of our mealtimes here and still be back first thing in the morning for round 2. Drunken Monkey allows its guests to take time to breathe, away from the high speed lifestyles many a Londoner leads. It’s really surprisingly laid back, almost akin to a pub-like ambience- except decked top to toe in Eastern deities, Chinese dragons and giant red lanterns glowing overhead. Apparently, the venue did actually use to be a lap-dancing club, so maybe they just thought they’d leave the red lights for atmosphere. East Asia? Amsterdam’s red light district? Who knows!

Drunken Monkey Bar

Music: Soul, Funk, House, Ambient
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 200
Train Station: Shoreditch High Street
Address: Drunken Monkey, 221-222 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6PJ

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Beats & Booze

The DJ decks have played host to a multitude of well-known musicians from around the world, and every weekend introduces the East End scene to someone new. The vibe is almost always chilled, but the layout of the place allows for dancing while you wait for your classy cocktail to be mixed by the extremely friendly and talented bar staff. The dining area is separate from the centre of the venue, allowing some privacy while not entirely removing you from the active atmosphere. There are also several booths along the venue so you and your friends can sit down and have a good chat about your week. You’ll not be disappointed by the selection of drinks on offer or the immense knowledge of the staff but you’ll certainly be surprised by the value, leaving you feeling like one happy bunny monkey.

The Scene

Self-proclaimed as ‘Kungfu Kitsch’, Drunken Monkey doesn’t only attract the after-work crowd, but folk from all over London, travelling specifically to Shoreditch for an evening of Eastern opulence. You’ll also encounter your standard scattering of students, drawn in by the offers and frankly, sensational value. Drunken Monkey is the ideal spot in Shoreditch for a spot of ‘like nobody’s watching’ style dancing, amongst one of the only venues in this area to not take itself all too seriously. Our favourite of the Drunken Monkey’s offerings however, is the night deemed ‘Disco and Dim Sum’, where guests can get all nostalgic with 70’s classics, clutching a cocktail in one hand and a spring roll in the other. If that’s not your idea of happiness, then we don’t know what is.

The Final Word

Effortlessly cool with a killer USP. Drunken Monkey remains very respectful of its traditional heritage, whilst managing to stay both fun and relevant in its hypercool Shoreditch context. Missing out on Drunken Monkey would be a genuine shame, as it turfs your spirits up with its vibrant colours, funky playlists and superbly served food and drink. This place is perfect for turning a regular night into a truly memorable one which is precisely why we already know exactly where we’ll be welcoming in the Chinese New year. And the following year. And then sum.