Egg Nightclub London

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What's The Score

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours with some bass. Holloway’s remotely placed superclub, Egg, prove that it’s not just Meghan Trainor that’s all about that bass. With music from the finest DJs in clubland and a top of the range sound and lighting installation, Egg is a super stylish combination of indoor and outdoor clubbing terrain with an almost Ibiza-esque atmosphere. With an awesome 24 hour licence, this place is hardcore ‘all hours’ partying meaning you can dance your way to daybreak - they’ll even provide you with breakfast.

The Venue

What’s the best part about having a club in a totally remote space? You can make as much noise as humanly possible without any backlash. Hurrah. The colossal venue has three floors, making great use of the space, but Egg’s most notable feature is the garden. Their huge outside space is canvassed by a towering bandstand draped in lights, and is the roomiest of all the smoking areas we’ve come across. No awkward elbows or crushed feet here, friends. Their inhouse café is on-hand for when you get those morning munchies, so essentially, you never have to leave. In fact, we’ve been here for 3 years. Send love to Mum.

Egg Nightclub

Music: House, Electro, Glitch, DnB, Techno, Dubstep
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 900
Train Station: Caledonian Road & Barnsbury
Address: Egg, 200 York Way, London, N7 9AX

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Beats & Booze

Although Egg tends to satisfy those with a musical taste for all things House, the venue offers an assorted mix of nights to suit every dance fan. Across the three floors your ears can indulge in an extraordinary range of diverse musical mash-ups. Fridays are a colourful mix of Drum and Bass, Breaks, Glitch and Electro, while Saturdays generally embrace a Deep House and Techno sound. From time to time they’ll even enlist the help of notable guest DJs and bands like Pendulum, Carl Craig and Felix Da Housecat. They’ve got a nice assortment of alcoholic bevvies on offer too, all within the pretty respectable price range of £4 – £5, plus if there’s a themed night, you can expect an even more exciting array of cocktails. Probably best cocktails aren’t served as standard to be honest - everyone would be asleep by 9 from the inevitable sugar crash.

The Scene

At the weekend, the Friday party starts at around 10pm and continues well into the early hours of Sunday, shutting only for a few hours in-between. The clientele at Egg can range considerably from one night to the next due to events, but staff are always super accommodating to whoever comes through the doors. Because of the relaxed dress code, there’s also a really welcoming, unpretentious vibe. Want to come in a bikini? Sure. Onesie? No problem. Come rain or shine, Egg is ready for you. What’s also great about Egg is that you never stand to have that ‘I want to party but no one's up for it’ thing. You know, when you ring around and everyone’s already in pajamas. The folk at Egg are legitimate 24 hour party people.

The Final Word

Egg is big enough to lose yourself, your friends, your inhibitions and your mind. In spite of that however, it still manages to retain an intimate atmosphere - which is pretty special. It’s got that Ministry of Sound/ Fabric atmosphere but seemingly, much more affable. Egg’s all-embracing mix of nights and diverse selection of music, mean that there is something for everyone to appreciate. Doesn’t half make you want a McMuffin though.