Fabric Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Check your heels at the door and lace up your Air Max’s baby, because it’s about to go down. Fabric is the O.G. ravers’ venue that has gained a remarkable reputation as one of the capital’s ultimate nightclubs. In fact, a lot of people that are super into clubbing come to London especially. Put it this way, Fabric is to the London clubbing scene as baguettes are to France. Sure you can get them in other places, but they’re just.. Not the same, y’know?

The Venue

What we always look for in a nightclub is that it was previously used to package an assortment of meats. It was? Oh good. Formerly a meat factory warehouse, Fabric has three areas; two equally sized main rooms and a third intimate space tucked away upstairs. It’s a veritable maze of meandering staircases, exposed brick walls and trippy, Ibiza-esque lights. Fabric is massive and has an enormous 1800 capacity, which can be a little daunting but once you’ve got your bearings it’s actually pretty exciting to explore all of the venue’s little nooks and crannies. But what it’s really about here is the music...

Fabric Nightclub

Music: Deep House, Techno, Electro, Grime, Trap, Bashment, EDM, Garage
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 1800
Train Station: Farringdon
Address: Fabric, 77A Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6HJ

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Beats & Booze

Fabric’s line-ups are, and always have been astonishing so whichever night that you decide to head out your ears are sure to be well looked after. Fridays are all about the bass, with sprinkles of Breakbeat and Grime in the form of DJ Hype, Andy C and Joy Orbison. Saturdays descend into Techy, Minimal, Deep House territory with the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Craig Richards and Ricardo Villalobos. And Sunday’s strangely titled ‘Wet Yourself’ event has a distinctly mischievous take on underground Techno and Electro with Miss Kittin, Ellen Alien, Alex Under and many others. Booze-wise we’re talking bottled beers, Vodka Redbulls, Rum and Cokes, bottles of water…you know the score. There are no frills at Fabric so nothing too fancy on offer and although you can to expect to pay a tiny bit more than your local boozer, drinks are still reasonably priced in relation to clubs of this kind.

The Scene

Well, nobody goes to Fabric for a night of wine and cheese. Fabric is geared towards your typical music-mad, party-hards, even enticing the globe’s finest electronic producers which in turn bring their devoted disciples out to play. Even a Polish couple in their late 70’s ventured all the way to Fabric after reading a particularly complimentary review in the paper! Sure they drank tea and sat down most of the night but of all the places they could’ve ventured... In terms of scale, it’s unparalleled and the crowd is excitable, large and loud. Similarly, the sheer magnitude and high fidelity of Fabric’s Martin Audio sound system and ‘bodysonic’ dance floor make for an auditory explosion that is sure to knock your socks clean off. Fabric operates a casual dress code so jeans and trainers are allowed. However, they don’t allow fancy dress, business suits or any day glow wear. Why? No idea. We think it would be hilarious to see a room full of businessmen raving in fairy wings.

The Final Word

Literally every DJ on the planet worth their salt has clocked in at Fabric. It's 36-hour birthday night is the stuff of legend. (Although we wouldn’t really call it a ‘night’, more a murderous battle of stamina that even a post-hibernation bear might struggle with.) To avoid those notorious three-hour queues, be sure to get your tickets in advance and/or blag your name on the guest list. To be fair though, if you’re headed out for a 36 hour jolly, 3 hours in a queue is kiiiind of a drop in the bucket. ‘Ohhhh, what? 33 hours? What’s the point in that? We might as well just go home now guys...’