LA Lounge Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Welcome to LA Lounge! Confusingly, not in LA but rather in the midst of East London. Ethnic themed venue LA Lounge brings droves of local clubbers to its doors each and every weekend. Seriously, the queue sometimes leads right around the corner - people fully go mad for it. Formerly known as ‘Guvnor Bar’, LA Lounge has recently been nominated to represent Nigeria for the UK’s Best Afrobeats NightClub at the 2016 African Pride Awards. LA Lounge is super sexy and indulgent in all the right ways. Thanks to the LA Lounge, we’re beginning to see why popping bottles makes you feel like a G6. (Which coincidentally turns out to be an aeroplane) Fortunately it’s not that LA we’re interested in visiting.. We don’t think it’s really cost effective to fly to Greenwich to be honest.

The Venue

LA Lounge is kitted out with not only a nightclub area but also a tapas lounge, bar and restaurant portion as well. There are 2 floors, but only one is available for those not reserving VIP spots. The venue itself is open plan, with mostly white interior and huge mirrored walls - which mean you’ll always spot the lipstick on your teeth before anyone else. Hurrah. There’s also a small light-up dance floor, but essentially people dance everywhere. The people at LA Lounge cannot possibly be contained to one tiny designated space, are you crazy? They’ll dance anywhere. They’ll salsa to the bar, tango to the toilets. You know, that kinda thing. Ladies sensible enough to put their name down on the guestlist will get free entry before 11, as well as a queue jump, which comes in pretty handy when you see just how many people are keen to get in.

LA Lounge Nightclub

Music: House, Funk, Afrobeats, Trap
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 350
Train Station: Royal Victoria
Address: LA Lounge, Bell Lane, London, E16 2AB

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Beats & Booze

LA Lounge make sure to get all of their guests are up on their feet with a mental mix of Pop, Jazz, Rock, African Music, RNB, Funky House, Trap, Afrobeats and Bashment. Booze wise, there’s a great mix of wines and beers from all over the globe. Not only that, but the bar at LA Lounge is cheap as chips with most beers and spirits going for 4 pounds a pop. Win. On top of that, LA Lounge has been known to go all out for a seasonal event, offering guests up to 80% off drinks for Black Friday. Lethal.

The Scene

It’s really great to see how much LA Lounge’s clientele just lose themselves in the music, because it’s actually pretty rare these days. Plus, being such a local hotspot means it is always packed wall to wall with people. It’s just that which makes LA Lounge super social with a real lively, congenial atmosphere. There’s a reason this place has over 30,000 instagram followers after all. LA Lounge is strictly over 21’s with a ‘upscale casual’ dresscode, so Urban glamour reigns from 10pm until 4. They haaaave got an explicit ‘Intoxicated Guest’ policy so if you’re gonna pre-drink, be cool about it. Like your Mum would tell you: If you can’t be good at least be careful, for goodness sake.

The Final Word

Get on your dancing shoes, or rather take them off completely to get down and dirty at East London’s premier venue for Afrobeats. If you ever find yourself on Bell Lane, make sure you hit up LA Lounge because the energy here is second to none. It’s super lively and vibrant, and always packed out which isn’t always the case in London. Hands up who’s walked into a venue and immediately regretted it because it’s completely empty? Here? No chance. LA Lounge is one place you can guarantee to be rammed until the early hours. Which is handy because our flight back to London isn’t until 7.