Ladybird Bar London

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What's The Score

They say that the early-bird gets the worm, but now the night owl gets The Ladybird. Super quirky bar-come-cocktail lounge, The Ladybird, is Angel Islington’s premier watering hole for the nocturnal. With a super late licence, and some of the most imaginative tipples in town, The Ladybird is undoubtedly where the party’s at. With very few cocktail bars in the area, The Ladybird is buzzing with character and individuality, rightfully earning its title as the most fashionable joint in N1.

The Venue

The Ladybird’s discreet black frontage opposite Islington Green, hides in plain sight, meaning you could easily miss it. The Ladybird is completely fascinating. It’s mismatched décor consisting of birdcages, painted murals, garish wallpaper, video games and fibre optic signage. There even seems to be half of a mannequin hanging down from the ceiling which we’ve taken to calling ‘the ceiling legs’ for navigation purposes. Behind the bar there is a beautiful, antique typewriter which we can only assume is a tip of the hat to the Ladybird books, because otherwise their choice of props are all hilariously random. Ceiling legs? Well, they’re mannequin legs.. So mannequin > Man > What’s the opposite of man > A lady… therefore Ladybird. Obviously. Downstairs is referred to as ‘The Basement Club’, where you can find a lovely little dancefloor space and bar which does get pretty busy so it’s recommended you book a table or one of their private room beforehand. So round up the squad, because you’ll need more than 4 to make a reservation, but with a pretty generous 5-9pm happy hour every day of the week you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing people.

Ladybird Bar

Music: 80’s, 90’s, Hip Hop, House, Funk, Soul, Commercial, Pop, Electro
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 300
Train Station: Angel
Address: Ladybird , 70 Upper Street, London, N1 0NY

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Beats & Booze

The Ladybird is definitely one for the cocktail lovers as it’s known for it’s seriously creative concoctions. All of Ladybird’s cocktails are masterfully made from scratch too- none of this pre-packaged cocktail mix rubbish. They also have signature ‘share-tails’ which mean the whole squad can enjoy delicious delights like the ‘Popcorn’: a blend of vodka, butterscotch syrup, lemon juice and cranberry and ‘The Lego Movie’: a mixture of Gin, pineapple, passionfruit and vanilla. All ‘Share-tails’ are served with extra long straws so you can sip you drink whilst reclined right back in your booth. Well, you can, but that doesn’t mean you should because you’ll probably look a bit of prat. The cocktails at Ladybird rotate on themes too. They’ve previously had a film range printed on a DVD case menu and a Disney princess selection presented in a fairytale storybook. The menus alone are in fact so cool that an average of 50 of them ‘go missing’ from the venue every week. Naughty.

The Scene

What with being so close to the Urdang dance academy, The Ladybird tends to pull in the artsy, young demographic. Their late licence also means it’s prime location for the night owls and mid-week party people. The Ladybird has a real element of fun to so it’s really refreshing to see people actually relaxing rather than posing into their front-camera or looking pensively out of a window so their friend can take a picture. Hospitality is a massive factor at Ladybird too. All of the bar staff are super attentive and professional and if you ask nicely, will even do cocktails made to order. You feel very privileged to drink the cocktails at Ladybird after watching how painstakingly precisely they make them too, these guys seriously know what they’re doing.

The Final Word

Although modest from the outside, similar to overturning a stone, there is a whole world beyond the doors of The Ladybird. It’s colourful and spirited and has the latest weeknight opening hours in Islington. What’s not to love? Even if you’re not mad on cocktails, Ladybird has over 30 premium whiskies, champagnes, draught beers and a huge range of rare spirits so there’s no chance you’ll not find something to wet that weekday whistle. Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, The Ladybird is definite proof that the greats are: ‘Always copied, [but] never equalled.’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.