Le Chic Nightclub Bournemouth

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What's The Score

Everyone’s wondered what it’s like to be James Bond. But in the cold light of day, it’s evident you’re less Bond and more Johnny English, we feel you. Never fear though 003-and-a-half, if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the lap of luxury like the Royal Commander himself then voila - welcome to Le Chic. Le Chic exudes class, confidence and style - the perfect revamped addition to Bournemouth’s up and coming party circuit. After all, a touch of VIP is the very least you deserve after a hard week - or indeed any day of the week. Don’t panic though, as in spite of its VIP styling Le Chic is actually pretty cheap. You might even say it’s the perfect location for those keeping a Goldeneye on their Moneypennies. Wheyyyy.

The Venue

Based on the unassuming Christchurch road, the classic Black and White frontage of Le Chic is very fitting for it’s name. The main area is decked out in funky 3D wallpaper and colour-changing furniture, which although could sound a bit ‘Twilight Zone’, only draws attention to the simple, classic décor. Le Chic finds the perfect balance between futuristic appeal and timeless style. Although it’s almost more of a sleek looking lounge than a club. Le Chic is all about relaxing and we have to say, it’s a welcome change to find a premium nightclub concerned with relaxing instead of purely looking decorative. After all, there’s literally nothing less relaxing than being strapped into a pair of Spanx, clomping around in skyscraper heels and trying to look dainty about it- let us tell you. The drinks prices are also a fairly nice surprise as a double Grey Goose will only set you back £6.90! Le Chic channels the luxury of a London’s West End without the painful price tags. Nailed it.

Le Chic Nightclub

Music: Funk, Soul, House, RnB
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 600
Train Station: Bournemouth
Address: Le Chic, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1PE

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Beats & Booze

Le Chic focuses on maintaining its premium feel by making sure it stocks the crème de la crème of booze. With Moët & Chandon emblazoned across both the DJ decks and the bar fronts, they’re not gonna be serving anything but the best. There’s also a mighty fine array of cocktails, from the simple mojito all the way to the funkier flavours of the Tokyo Iced Tea. When you really start feeling like James Bond however, is when receiving table service from the private VIP bar. James Bond doesn’t queue, and at Le Chic- neither do you. In terms of beats, Le Chic makes sure to hoover up some of the hottest disk jockeys the South has to offer, leaning more towards the upbeat genres of Funk, Soul, House and RnB.

The Scene

As can be imagined, this is a club that holds status as one of the finest and most exclusive in all of Bournemouth. With a feel that is more London than South Coast, it is a place where only the ice cool are deemed worthy enough of entry. The general rule of thumb being no effort, no entry – it is clear there is an emphasis on looking dapper. Some look like they’re on loan from Madame Tussaud's judging by how smooth and pristine they are - this is seriously a place for the beautiful people. There’s also not one, but multiple VIP rooms and get this- you get to them via secret passageways. Now that’s pretty 007...

The Final Word

Le Chic is no diamond in the rough - it’s the finished article. If you’re looking for a venue where you can relax away from prying eyes, to live the life of a secret agent in your own quantum of solace then Le Chic just the ticket. The bright lights of the big city come to the bopping town of Bournemouth at Le Chic, and there really is no place better to enjoy an evening sipping on an ice-cold martini. Shaken, not stirred. Obviously.