Lightbox Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Everyone knows that Vauxhall is a great night out. It's now even coined the slang name of 'Voho' by being a new self-contained village arguably cooler than it's inspiration. South West's answer to the West End, if you will. Well, we think we know what may have had a hand in carving that formidable title into Vauxhall's reputation, and that's a little club known as Lightbox. With a unique light display and some of the best House and Techno music around, Lightbox's amazing atmosphere attracts one of the coolest crowds in the city. Lightbox is total raver's territory, even possessing some pretty impressive smoke machines that ensure you can barely see your own hands in front of your face whilst dancing amongst sea of bobbing clubbers - it's really a sight to behold. Or to not behold rather. Either way, one thing is certain: Lightbox will knock off your socks.

The Venue

A narrow brick entrance leads you to the forecourt where you'll be checked by security – so far, pretty standard, but you just wait until you're inside. Entry to the foyer through the smoking terrace sees you met by dark walls of brick stone, a vaulted ceiling and a decision: which of the impressive rooms to check out first? In the big room, all the focus is on the decks and those eponymous, iconic lights of theirs. With absolutely no windows and/or other decor, it's evident that Lightbox means serious business, so roll your sleeves up because it's about to go down in here. The next room is a little smaller, but just as vibrant and impressive with flashing lights, laser effects, smoke machines and - of course - that all important jumbo-sized bar. It's slightly less intimidating for the less-versed Lightbox guest, but just as euphoric, don't you worry!

Lightbox Nightclub

Music: House, Techno, Garage, Grime, DnB, Disco
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 600
Train Station: Vauxhall
Address: Lightbox, 6A S Lambeth Place, London, SW8 1SP

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Beats & Booze

The DJs at Lightbox play “proper” House, Dubstep, Trance and Techno music, so don't expect any of that overplayed commercial tosh. This venue is all about immersive euphoria - getting sticky, grabbing your fellow man and basking in the thumping bass of pioneering dance music. Lightbox's incredible sound system blasts tunes at a volume that would bring your Mum to tears, but let us tell you this: we bloody love it. Also: with a name like 'Lightbox' you're gonna expect something pretty spectacular with regards to illumination. Something like.. Oh, we don't know, 15,000 separate LED lights that pulsate with the rhythm of the music? Lightbox has been pretty literal with it's name, so safe to say, there are no disappointments there. Drink-wise you can order anything from your standard canned beer and wine to spirits and mixers - nothing too fancy, mind. Probably best really - you can't skank with a Martini.

The Scene

If you are really into your music, particularly House, then we're sure you've already heard about Lightbox on the grapevine - and there's good reason, it's pretty epic. One thing's for sure: the people at Lightbox are dance fanatics. This is not the kind of place where you'd sit down for a drink and have a nice little catch-up with old friends. There are two separate rooms with different DJs and sound systems, you can decide for yourself which dancefloor you want to join, but there's always enough room for everyone. There's no dress code either, so you're free to wear whatever tickles your fancy. You'll get good and sweaty though so we'd advocate avoiding white or you'll be showing off a little more than you bargained for. Maybe go for a waterproof, or perhaps a nice cagoule.

The Final Word

We gotta give it to them. Lightbox is a venue with unwavering integrity. They haven't (and seemingly will not) bow to the commercial rubbish, instead staying true to their underground musical ancestry. Lightbox is for the insiders, the musically educated and forward-thinking. Tickets can be a little on the dear side, but if you're smart enough to nab early-bird tickets, you can gain entry from anywhere upwards of £8 depending on the event. Aside from that, there isn't a whole lot we can fault! In fact, the only complaint we've ever heard about was “strict security measures” – but better to be safe than sorry, right? Poor Fabric knows a thing or two about that now. *Hunger Games salute whistle*