Love and Liquor Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Love and Liquor is a swanky new cocktail den plonked rather randomly on North London's Kilburn High Street. Styled faultlessly as a stripped back suburban Warehouse in New York's borough of Brooklyn, Love and Liquor is urban and effortlessly cool, exhibiting some of the most fascinating decor choices we've yet to come across.

The Venue

Well, Love and Liquor is only open Fridays and Saturdays so you can imagine what kinda crazy goes on in here - these guys truly live for the weekend. It's very 'warehouse' in the sense that the walls are entirely bricked and the ceilings are high enough to house a family of giraffes so in terms of interior and decor, Love and Liquor is every inch the cool kid hang-out. Neon signage, beautifully mismatched lighting fixtures and even a spot of Taxidermy- because Taxidermy is oh so arty right now. (We think they probably could've selected a slightly more majestic bird than a pigeon but- hey ho!) But that's not all - believe it or not, an interesting oddity which just seems to add even more appeal is the hidden candlelit bar called the Volstead Library, accessed via an inconspicuous wardrobe guise. So don't worry, you're not losing your mind, you did just see someone come out of the wardrobe.

Love and Liquor Nightclub

Music: RnB, Commercial, House, Hip Hop
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 300
Train Station: Kilburn
Address: Love and Liquor, 34 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 5UA

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Beats & Booze

To call a place Love and Liquor and not have some impressive tipples on the menu would be just criminal- but luckily they are just as prepared as we had hoped. At a reasonable 7-8 quid a cocktail and a pretty average 50 quid for a bottle of house bubbly, Love and Liquor is slap back in the middle of the London price bracket so no complaints there. Plus, with cocktails and shooters just as quirky as the venue itself (Think peanut butter and Tabasco) we're practically jittering with anticipation to get back there. Musically, L&L manage to keep it chic with an exciting concoction of House, R'N'B, Dance and uptempo party music. If we could high five a club, Love and Liquor would get a hearty one.

The Scene

Totting up an enviable celebrity following, Love & Liquor have already catered to the likes of Tini Tempah,, Justin Bieber and Rita Ora. The popcorn machines and photo-booths in the Volstead Library also add a playful element to Love and Liquor which is pretty hard to resist. It would seem that many people would agree as it pulls in a totally varied clientele of trendy youngsters, glamour girlies, students, smartly dressed professionals and then those who undoubtedly just came for the taxidermy. Corr Pigeons.

The Final Word

The interior is all suitably bonkers, which makes a refreshing change to the same ol' 'sophisticated minimalist' vibe that oh so many places opt for these days. Love and Liquor finds the perfect balance between high-energy party and trendy understated cool which we have to commend them for. Plus, we'll go to the grave trying to pinch one of those stuffed pigeons for the office, and when we say one, we mean six.