Orange Rooms Bar Southampton

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What's The Score

Tucked away in the corners of Bedford Place - Southampton’s answer to London’s Chelsea - sits a fruit bowl of clubs that come in all shapes and sizes; with Orange Rooms perched proudly on top. One of the South’s classier establishments, this venue is an eclectic mix of pure fun and ultimate chic. A multi-talented club, not just a jack of all trades, Orange Rooms comes to life hosting live bands, stand-up comedians and world renowned DJs that keep the floor rocking all night long.

The Venue

Orange Rooms really manages to stand-out in an area of Southampton that is littered with clubs, pubs and late-night bars. Much like the distinctive fruit that bears its name, the venue is split into segments. Over two levels, it has three main areas and each with their own separate bar; the Orange Lounge, Tiki Bar and the “Off-Piste” Chalet bar. Although the mix of styles feels a little ‘Thompson’s holiday brochure’, this is part of the charm at Orange Rooms. The main lounge is a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s, with loud wallpaper and plush velour seating – all uber retro; there’s even a huge fish tank adding a little Austin Powers “mojo” to the joint. Upstairs in the Tiki Lounge the vibe is more chilled, as people sit at tables, suppin’ on cocktails produced by the finest mixologists in all of Southampton. Spend too long here and you’ll be in your grass skirt getting your coconut cups out. The VIP area “Off-Piste” is the ultimate chill-out zone, far away enough to be able to talk over booming beats, but close enough for everyone to notice your importance. In fact, there’s always something going on which ever direction you look. Orange Rooms is so mad that it could have been designed by Damien Hirst himself...

Orange Rooms Bar

Music: Pop, House, Funk, RnB, Grime, Club Classics
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 400
Train Station: Southampton Central
Address: Orange Rooms, 1-2 Vernon Walk, Southampton, SO15 2EJ

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Beats & Booze

Orange Rooms is unique in the fact that all its areas are treated as their own “mini-venue”, where the menus differ, meaning you don’t have to deal with, yet another mojito. The drinks are just as psychedelic as the club itself, with dedicated and extremely experienced mixologists who all have PhDs in making things taste awesome – Dr. Cocktail will see you now. A personal favourite was the “Menehune” (don’t ask us to pronounce it, we just pointed), a perfect blend of coconut flavours and spiced rum. Orange Rooms has many strings to its bow and makes time for upcoming talent by hosting open-mic nights, attracting the very best local bands; whilst its position as one of the best clubs on the Southern scene has meant that it attracts some of the biggest names in the music industry (think Groove Armada and Rob Da Bank.) With the introduction of “Common People”, Southampton’s own music festival - of which the official after-party was hosted here – Orange Rooms was elevated to club stardom, in Southampton at the very least! From House and Drum n Bass to RnB and Club, Orange Rooms has it covered. The fact that “Orange” is one of the few words in the English language that doesn’t rhyme, certainly doesn’t mean it has no rhythm. It’s got much more than your average Orange that’s for sure.

The Scene

Just as the orange was once considered the fruit of the Gods, so too is Orange Rooms a place where you can find chiselled, herculean men and mythical, aphroditian women; a Mount Olympus for the South Coast, if you will. Because of this, there are absolutely no trainers and certainly no hoodies, indeed you’re more likely to find shawls and boat shoes on well-dressed Sotonians looking for a big night out. Even though there is a student night during the week, the vibe is a bit more highbrow than your usual student night - quite a refreshing change from the grungy venues that the young guns usually frequent.

The Final Word

Just as the film “Clockwork Orange” became an instant cult classic due to its eclectic nature, so too has Orange Rooms become the standard bearer for clubs in the South, with most desperate for a slice (or segment) of the action. Having heard a rave review, we’re sure you just can’t wait to head on down. Orange you glad you heard all about it? (Okay sorry, no more)