Peckham Springs Bar London

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What's The Score

TGIF right? Walking out the office at the end of a hard week, you’re shooting finger guns to passers by and strutting as if soundtracked to Hall and Oates’ ‘You make my dreams come true’ - the weekend has begun. But now, we’ve really got something to put a spring in your step. A Peckham spring to be more specific. A short distance from Peckham Rye station, Peckham Springs is an arty, alfresco drinking den with possibly the best value cocktails around. If you had to had to hazard a guess at what the venue was before it became Peckham Springs, you might think it was an abandoned warehouse where they filmed the Saw movies. But throw in some cute lights, a cocktail bar, and you've got yourself one of the most successful bars in town. Peckham Springs: the final piece in the South Eastern Jigsaw.

The Venue

Peckham Springs is surprisingly big and from the entrance it’s cheekily deceiving. There's the outside seating area by the entrance which leads you to either the cocktail bar or the Sassoon gallery. The bar area is tucked under a gazebo and comes complete with food stalls and super-social dining areas that resemble a trendy version of the school dinner setup. The gallery however, is the designated dance space, kitted out with another bar, a DJ and a disco ball. Classic. There's a tonne of seating too, so you’ll never have to do that casual lean when waiting for friends to return from the bathroom. Peckham Spring gets and A* for seating, that’s for sure. Just recline and so some top notch people-watching.

Peckham Springs Bar

Music: Ambient, House, Commercial, Dance
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 100
Train Station: Peckham Rye
Address: Peckham Springs, 22A Blenheim Grove, London, SE15 4QN

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Beats & Booze

We all love a jolly good happy hour, but what if we told you all cocktails at Peckham Springs are £5 all day every day? Seriously that's how much they are. Although they don't have the biggest of cocktails menus, the options they do have to offer are as tasty as they come, and with one mighty strong kick. Just a pre-warning in case you decide to choose the Paloma: they don't slack on the tequila. We reckon a more appropriate name for it would’ve been the Fire-breather, because after a couple of these you’d be able to start a small forest fire like some kind of inebriated party dragon. You can also tuck into some decent grub here. Maybe a smoked sausage hot dog with mustard, pickled onion and polenta fries, or perhaps some sauerkraut and mushroom dumplings with cucumber salad and crispy shallots for the veggie in you. All meals are under a tenner, so no need to go on a McDonald's run - Peckham Springs has it’s very own pound-saving menu.

The Scene

Peckham Springs is mostly filled with a crowd aged 20 to 30, you know, the Peckham-Spring-Chickens. It’s definitely an arty favourite of the students and otherwise creatively inclined, being ideal territory for both getting your drink on and letting off some steam. Peckham Springs can accommodate most sized bookings, and you can even book a table by email up until 8.30pm, so good news for the unorganised! Those last minute birthday drinks for the mate that you almost forgot about can still go ahead, and they needn’t be the wiser! Tables are held for a maximum of 15 minutes though, so chop chop! House tipples go for around £6 so fiscally, not too shabby either! Sadly, it does close at midnight though, leaving us feeling a bit 3 year old throwing a tantrum because we don’t want to go yet. We suppose that’s truly testament to a fab venue though as we haven’t been clock watching at all. Although, like Cinderella when the clock struck midnight, we too must call it a night.

The Final Word

Trying to decide where to go amongst your group of friends can be a challenge, especially when one place has cheap drinks but another has good music, why oh why! But when one place has it all, the decision is a piece of cake. Although the name may be inspired by an old episode of Only Fools and Horses, where Del Boy tries to sell off tap water as bottles of ‘Peckham Spring’, there’s nothing imposter about it here. Peckham Springs definitely has a bite to match its bark and the no frills style is nothing but charming. With drinks as generous as these, you definitely don’t feel hard-done-by handing over your hard earned cash either. Which reminds us, we’ve gotta go refund a case of Peckham Spring.