Popworld Nightclub Birmingham

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What's The Score

Popworld – a shining beacon of hope for those of us who remember the good old days when the Spice Girls ruled Britain, Britney Spears was still sane and Top of the Pops was the highlight of any Saturday night. Popworld comes top of the charts when in search of letting your hair down to the sound of childhood nostalgia. Welcome to Birmingham’s brightest venue at the heart of the city. With more pop than an Andy Warhol painting, Popworld continues to bring the party to the Midlands: a timeless classic in an age where most music is set to the contemporary sound of autotune.

The Venue

Based in an old, blue church, this heavenly setting looks like an overstated tardis. Step inside and find yourself transported into another world – the vivid technicolour of this rainbow splashed venue makes you wonder where the pot of gold is lurking. What seems to be the world’s largest disco ball hangs high above the main dancefloor, lit up like a giant rubix cube, flashing a different colour each time someone steps to the beat. Neon and LED lights help guide the way from the dancefloor to the bar like an airport runway with more colours than even Dulux could dream up – Blackpool Illuminations eat your heart out. The party continues upstairs on Popworld’s second floor, following a chrome staircase towards another bar because when is one ever enough? Here you can chill in booths away from the hoard of pop-junkies enjoying their fix. The venue is so synonymous with Top of the Pops that you almost expect to run into Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates.

Popworld Nightclub

Music: Pop, 90s, Funk
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 400
Train Station: Birmingham New Street
Address: Popworld, 55 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HJ

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Beats & Booze

Popworld – doing exactly what it says on the tin. Pop with an extra helping of Pop is what’s on the menu this time around, and the next. The late-90’s and early noughties is this club’s speciality and expertise. No-one spins a pop vinyl better than the resident DJs at the house of Popworld and if smooth, funky beats top your party playlist then look no further than a night on Broad Street. With some of the cheapest spirits available on Birmingham’s main strip, you can throw shapes to McBusted under the bright lights of Popworld, instead of scouring the streets for a nearby Wetherspoon’s to save some wonga. With drinks deals and party packages by the bucket load, Popworld is prime picking for a stag/hen do in the city due to its boisterous personality. In addition, with student events all throughout the week, (Monday to Thursday to be exact) the drinks can keep flowing for as little as £1.50 a pop.

The Scene

Popworld’s focus is on Fun with a capital F. The place is light-hearted and easygoing, avoiding the pretentiousness of certain clubs as this is where the 90’s babies come to let loose. At Popworld, you are encouraged to channel your inner-child and you needn’t worry about the consequences – this place is not for the self-conscious. It would be hard to find anyone who really takes themselves too seriously here ...and who could with a giant bouncy castle in the corner of the room? The crowd is always a happy-go-lucky bunch which probably has something to do with the sickly-sweet tunes, but it’s always a good vibe when everyone is smiling and singing in unison to ‘Three Lions on a shirt’. Plus- it would seem that anything goes with regards to dress code; you could even wear a string vest if you wanted to - no one would mind. You may even be revered for your retro styling which is hilarious because we don’t even think they were cool first time around.

The Final Word

Harking back to the good old days when discmans ruled the roost and blue eyeliner was the height of cool - Popworld is the definitive throwback, a self-contained time-warped pop palace. Popworld is everything that was great about the 90’s with none of the rubbish stuff, like dial-up internet or combat trousers. There are definitely some things that we would happily leave behind, but Popworld does a fantastic job of reminding us of the things we wanted to last forever. If only it could just bring back Woolworths.