Pre-Bar Bar Southampton

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What's The Score

The Cornerstone (literally) to Southampton’s infamous Beavois Valley, the palace of dreams for students on an extremely tight budget, Pre-bar sets the bar (and limbo’s beneath) for all surrounding establishments. A new Mecca in the desolate lands of Southampton’s backstreets, students will undoubtedly make the pilgrimage to the latest home of booze and beats. Pre-bar is anything but prehistoric however, heading into the new age by showcasing the best offers for drinks in all the land; or in Southampton at the very least. Pre-bar, the new home of student cocktails and rock nights, a wonderful mix that even Jagger and Grohl could be proud of.

The Venue

Emblazoned in a lime (almost neon) green, Pre-bar sticks out like a giant glow stick on the way into town, imploring punters from all over to come and enjoy prices that can sometimes be half of what they are in the city. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about this place at all, which is great, becoming somewhat of a ‘no frills’ local haunt. Pre-bar has resurrected the mastery of the traditional pub, being more about the people inside rather than the inside itself. Punters lean against the bar, which is plastered with more band posters than an angsty teenage girl’s bedroom; whilst others shoot pool atop the creaking wooden floor, lovingly battered by Doc Martens every Rock Night Tuesday. Party on Garth. Typical of its student populous, Pre-bar has become Southampton’s own answer to the American Frat House, providing a chilled out facade to hide the madness within.

Pre-Bar Bar

Music: Rock, Indie, Pop
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 200
Train Station: St Denys
Address: Pre-Bar, 16 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton, SO14 0JP

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Beats & Booze

Pre-bar is starting to develop into one of the finest venues for Rock, hosting a weekly event solely dedicated to rich riffs and heavy percussion. Pre-bar is in fact, one of the only venues in the city to cater for anything other than House. Not to be outdone in the Cheese ‘stakes’ however, Pre-bar also offers some of the best Pop nights in the Southampton stockpile with a hilarious karaoke night attracting some of the best (and definitely the worst) singers in the city. In terms of its booze, this bar is super cheap. Like super cheap. We’re talking buckets of six beers for £7 and three bombs for a fiver. Even with an extensive and unique cocktail menu, Pre-bar is still actually cheaper for pre-drinks than you could even make yourself. We think we’re beginning to understand the name now.

The Scene

Pre-bar is all about the relaxed environment. Wear socks with sandals, a shirt and tie – heck, even bring your cat; we really doubt anyone would take a second look. In an ode to Southern Comfort, it really is only ever about whatever you’re most at home in. The crowd is a tight-knit community that have grown to bond over Southampton’s legendary Rock night, not to mention those sickly sweet Friday nights when Karaoke dominates the bar. This club doesn’t take itself too seriously, with the general rule being that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously either – which is what we love about it.

The Final Word

Head on down to the Valley and follow the sound of music. Whether you fancy yourself as a Rock god or a Karaoke queen, Pre-bar is most certainly the place for you. Even if you’re not a fan of either, with such ridiculous drinks prices, you could literally bathe yourself in booze and still have change from a tenner – all the more reason to drop by. Pre-bar would suggest that this is somewhere you might just pop in for a swift one on the way into town; but by our reckoning, the owners might be lucky if they’re ever able to prise you away from your barstool. What do you mean make yourself at home is just a “figure of speech”?