Queen of Hoxton Bar London

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What's The Score

10 points to the prodigy who guesses where this one is. The Queen of Hoxton is located on the much loved Shoreditch High Street (although chances are you’ll spot it a mile off due to the gigantic wigwam poking out over the rooftop). Oh Shoreditch, would we expect any less from you? Think back to our ol’ friend ‘Andy Pandy’, but if he were to take a trip away to the Secret Garden. The Queen of Hoxton has a real whimsical feel of childhood awe to it which makes you feel all silly and young again. As well as that, the venue uses their impressively graffiti strewn walls to showcase local artists. However, the ever-changing walls are just one aspect that makes The Queen of Hoxton just a bit awesome, really.

The Venue

Let us start by saying not only do they have a games room, but also an art gallery. Man do they know how to keep people coming back. The outside space looks like a cross between Teletubbie land and the Big Brother garden: colourful and astroturfed within an inch of its life, while the inside is embellished with faux ivy and brickwork. There’s a real distinct difference between the inner and outer parts to this place: the inside has a traditional hearty pub feel to it, but step outside and you’re suddenly at Glastonbury. In the warmer months they host movie screenings known as ‘Rooftop’ events, complete an outside bar and its very own popcorn vendor. We also thought that ice cream floats had disappeared with pogs and yo-yoing but it seems that The Queen of Hoxton is sooo ahead of the curb that they’ve actually gone back in time. Be warned however, there are a lot of stairs. 4 flights to be exact. This can prove a little problematic for the smokers among us but to be fair, we welcomed the exercise after the ice cream.

Queen of Hoxton Bar

Music: Indie, Electronica, Hip Hop, Garage, House, Live
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 700
Train Station: Shoreditch High Street
Address: Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3JX

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Beats & Booze

At the end of the day, it’s the Shoreditch High Street and they tend to smash it really. Matthew Horne has been known to do a few DJ sets here too (not that he’s an especially credible DJ, but still, nice to see a familiar face) Drinks wise, they’re pretty reasonable too so we can’t complain. You can choose from a selection of juices and soft drinks to have ‘spiked’ or ‘unspiked’. (Their phrasing, not ours!) Check out the wicked selection of cocktail slushies on rotation for £6 a pop, 2 choices every evening. I guess that just means we’re going back tomorrowwww as well then. All in the name of research obviously. The things we do for you, sheesh! Not got a massive sweet tooth? It’s all good- they actually say on their website ‘if you fancy a classic, just ask and we’ll be glad to make it for you.’- shucks guys, you are just so hospitable.

The Scene

The world's artisans gravitate here like dogs to a whistle. It calls out to them like a whisper in the wind. Expect the ‘arty’ folk with berets and pipes, clutching a wodge of existential philosophy. That’s not to generalise or anything, in fact, if you’re after a intellectual debate on Samuel Beckett you’re hard pushed to find anywhere better. Not to worry if you’re not a literature buff though, Queen of Hoxton also host tye-dying workshops and urban knitting ‘crafternoons’, so all creatives will totally revel here, without a doubt. It’s also quite popular with students and young professionals which makes it the perfect place for a spot of socialising or networking like a total pro.

The Final Word

Queen of Hoxton cater to their punters year round, adapting their rooftop to fit our wretched British weather so don’t fret about appropriate footwear. It’s all the venue’s intricate little touches that make The Queen of Hoxton just a bit epic- not to mention the array of colourful people it attracts. There’s always something new and undiscovered that you didn’t spot the last time, and to be honest, we’re a bit gutted we didn’t discover it sooner. Is there some sort of hipster-whistle frequency that we’re unaware of or…?