Shaka Zulu Nightclub Camden

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What's The Score

Shaka Zulu: the venue that once brought you the meat-flavoured cocktail and presumably Lady Gaga’s 2010 VMA dress. Tucked away in The Camden Stable Market, Shaka Zulu is 27,000 sq ft of South African grandeur blessed by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini himself. In homage to the Zulu King and conqueror, Shaka, this luxurious two floor restaurant, club and cocktail bar brings Camden an exciting taste of the subtropics.

The Venue

Voted 'best interior design' at the London Club and Bar Awards not long after opening in 2010, you can see why it took them 5 years to build this place - the detail is flawless. Every inch of Shaka Zulu’s interior is adorned with incredible ornate carvings, handmade mosaics, murals, statues and authentic tribal wear. They’ve even done the ceiling. In fact, regal décor is upheld right the way through to the bathrooms. That certainly brings a new meaning to the term ‘The Royal we(e)’. Although super unsuspecting from the outside, the venue is humongous and you even travel between floors on escalators. It’s pretty surreal, but an amazing opportunity to check out the beautiful interior close up. The vibrant mixture of reds and oranges give off an amazing sense of warmth and spirituality not dissimilar to a temple, actually. We’ve never been to a temple with an escalator though.

Shaka Zulu Nightclub

Music: House, Funk, Commercial, RnB
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 1000
Train Station: Camden Town
Address: Shaka Zulu, Stables Market , Camden, NW1 8AB

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Beats & Booze

The DJs at Shaka Zulu are known to cause quite a stir, spinning only the best of Funky House, Commercial Rnb, Hip Hop and Dance. Plus, due to the venue’s temple setting, the acoustics are ruddy mind-blowing. If we’re talking price range, the cheapest available champagne is £75 but as the old adage goes: ‘you get what you pay for’ as the drinks at Shaka Zulu are truly heavenly. There are also 4 fun sharer cocktails: ‘The Cape Town Share’, ‘Mandela’s Guests’, ‘Sharing Lions’ and ‘The Monkey Brothers’ ranging from £30 to £150. Don’t panic though, the dearer additions to the menu can serve up to 10, so round up your squad and rehydrate at the communal watering hole.

The Scene

Shaka Zulu’s nightclub section, known as ‘King’s Club’ sits just below the general dining space and boy does it go off on a Friday and Saturday night. Plus they love a bit of entertainment so on certain evenings you can even enjoy bongo players, island dancers and acrobats. Shaka Zulu also serve some of the most incredibly unusual foods in town. With traditional braai cuisine and dishes available à la carte, their menu includes such bizarre delights as crocodile, zebra and ostrich. #Yolo and all that.. Shaka Zulu’s splendour hasn’t gone unnoticed by a few famous faces either, having been visited by the likes of Heidi Klum, Bruno Mars, Christina Ricci and Camden’s own fallen angel, Amy Winehouse.

The Final Word

Impeccable design. We’d probably come here purely to space out in front of the walls like a child sitting too close to the TV. Shaka Zulu is an unusually brilliant fusion of fine dining and clubbing which works far better than you would think. It’s a real breath of fresh air from the ‘cool’ East London scene and somewhat highly strung West-end. It’s a shame about the 2am closing time though. Looks like we’ll have to get our last round of Zebra to-go.