Shaker & Company Bar London

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What's The Score

Well, if the players gonna play, play, play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. What are we gonna do? All together now: Shaker & Co, Shaker & Co. Shaker & Co. (As in cocktail shaker, get it?) is a 'neighbourhood cocktail bar and burger kitchen', next door to London Euston's Station. Previously 'Positively 4th Street', Shaker & Co. is now owned by Bar School Shaker, meaning that these guys know a thing or two about mixology. With a classic Rock'n'roll edge, Shaker & Co. is effortlessly cool and positively party-hard.

The Venue

Finally. A cocktail bar with a sense of humour. Hurrah. Shaker & Co's deals and promotions all have wildly creative titles in particular the hilariously titled 'Burger me, it's Monday' in which diners can get 2 burgers and fries for a minuscule price of £10. The main floor has a classic, tavern vibe with dark wood furnishings, chesterfield seating and an old-timey piano tucked in the corner. Downstairs, Shaker & Co. becomes basement drinking den, Belle&Co, which is similarly exquisite in style. Inspired by the Belle Époque era (which is French for 'Beautiful era') Belle&Co. It's all uber classy with filigree patterned wallpaper, Victorian tiling, dainty vintage teacups, ornate birdcages and glass decanters. There's even a bloomin' Victrola. There's nothing classier than a Victrola.

Shaker & Company Bar

Music: Rock, Indie, Live, Acoustic
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 200
Train Station: Euston
Address: Shaker & Company, 119 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 3EE

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Beats & Booze

Shaker and Co is easily one of the best cocktail joints around. The Expertise is evident from the mere second you enter the building. Staff are on hand, armed with culinary blowtorches and some pretty lethal looking zesters to make you the best damn drink imaginable, even using self-made components such as syrups and liqueurs. They even churn their own sherbet for goodness sake. Seeing beyond the kitchen doors would be like looking into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. With a massive 6 page cocktail menu, you can grab gems like the: 'Florence and the Machine' (Elderflower, sherbet, lemon and Belvedere) and the 'Farewell to the Fairground' (Whiskey, rhubarb, egg white and candyfloss) They even have Cherry Cola Floats (!!!) We thought Coke floats had died out with Baby G Watches and Gel pens, but alas, they live on at Shaker & Co. Considering the hard graft, £7-£9 a cocktail seems pretty fair to us!

The Scene

Straight off the bat, the hospitality is fantastic. The bar staff seem to really enjoy what they're doing, which makes a huuuge difference to the overall experience and feel of the venue. They seem to hype up the guests like club-reps almost, except not tacky. Nothing about this place is remotely tacky, quite the contrary. The entire is place is a dimly lit vista of class - you actually feel quite adult. Although not too adult because they also have legitimate, inhouse Beer Pong- we're talking solo cups and proper table kind of Beer Pong. Not sure it massively fits with the theme, but c'mon, even adults love the satisfaction of throwing a tiny ball into a cup.

The Final Word

Being owned by a Bar School, it's a pretty safe bet that their drinks will be phenomenal, but boy, they really are. Shaker & Co. is super creative and just oozes 'cool', without asking to be. Man it's so cool to not care if you're cool. That's like, 'the most cool. Even their music is out of the ordinary, having live music from double bassists and harmonica players. Shaker & Co. is a one of a kind, cocktail hotspot that even the great Willy Wonka himself would tip his hat to. Now, to engineer the Snozzberry...