The Bunker Nightclub Bristol

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What's The Score

If you’re in Bristol and hear chatter of going to ‘The Bunker’, don’t panic! People aren’t planning their apocalyptic hiding spots (as far as I know). Bunker is possibly the most popular student club on Park Street – a hub of Bristol’s hottest bars and clubs. If you can’t find the place, that’s because they’ve recently undergone a name change. Now known as 78 (which is the address - we see what you did there), and with a major reboot and refurb in tow, they’re now more keen on offering Bristolians a taste of the exclusive. Well if no one can find it mate, that’s pretty much a sure thing.

The Venue

Bunker is a fairly small venue with two rooms and a very popular smoking area - and everyone knows that’s the most social area of a nightclub. The intimate nature of Bunker plays nicely into the theme of wartime shelter - and is a super smart use of the space. The entry is even designed to look ticker-taped with black and yellow bio-hazard warnings. The main room is mostly dominated by the booths and a stage space, making Bunker look as though it could be designed especially for live performances. The second room is on the smaller side though, peppered with plush sofas for maximum chill after throwing some shapes. It’s all go at Bunker and they bloomin’ love an event. Be it Neon paint parties, Traffic light parties, Silent Discos or Easter egg hunts. On Caribbean nights, they even use the al fresco space to serve some lovely barbecue bits and pieces. Nothing puts you in finer fettle to continue drinking into the early hours than a massive cheeseburger right?

The Bunker Nightclub

Music: Commercial, House, Indie, Electo, Garage, Grime, DnB, Hip Hop, Soul
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 1500
Train Station: Clifton Down
Address: The Bunker, 78 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QU

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Beats & Booze

Most nights, Bunker opt for House or Hip Hop, but whatever they’re spinning, the crowd are lapping it up like dehydrated little hamsters. Bunker’s events span the likes of Garage, Electro, Reggae, Commercial Pop and 80’s throwbacks so variety is certainly on the menu here. For a chill out, Room 2 is the place you want to be, playing smooth beats and with ample room to dance (or perhaps sit if the pound a pint is taking a toll) the very amiable DJ even let us into the booth to tell us he “just plays what the people wanna hear” - Shout out to, Tony C! Drinks selection here is equally varied, but Jägerbombs and vodka cokes are being churned out in abundance. We recommend the house special ‘Bunker Beer’ though, home-brewed for your hopping pleasure. On Thirsty Thursdays you can even claim a free shot upon entry; and no, it’s not just the cheap stuff they keep at the back... anything you like! Makes a refreshing change from bars trying to rid of their regenerating bottles of Cactus Jack’s!

The Scene

Much like an actual bunker the club is deep underground, giving it that edgy and dangerous feel. It’s essentially a student bar, and if you’re a born Bristolian or South West uni baby, you’ll find everyone you know at Bunker. Seriously, the world and its wife - it’ll be like a reunion. Bunker is the venue so ingrained in Bristol’s student culture that it’s practically part of the campus. While not exclusively students, the usual crowd don’t tend to vary from the 18-24 age group so here you can find all your West country PYT’s partying here. It’s also cheap as chips, especially on what is known by Brizzle regulars as ‘Thirsty Thursdays’, so make sure to mark your calendars for those all important pound-a-pint events. Granted, sounds completely lethal, but fancy being able to do a whole night on a tenner. You’ll also be relieved to hear the entry fee on a standard night is around £5. The milky bars are on us.

The Final Word

You know in Shaun of the Dead when they’re speculating on how to escape the zombie invasion? To ‘Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over?’ We feel very strongly that Bunker would be the unanimous choice for Bristolians to wait any disaster that came its way. Bunker by name, Bunker by nature. There is a real community feel here, and it really seems to keep the uni spirit alive. We can envisage some die-hard Bristol alum continuing to come here in their later years in a bid to relive the ‘good-old days’. No judgements there though, as we could go for a bit of that! Bunker is a great hideaway for when you’re temporarily sick of adulting. Cheap drinks, all those familiar faces and the most eclectic musical taste in town. Let’s just say it certainly wouldn’t be the worst place to spend the apocalypse.