The Lock Tavern Pub London

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What's The Score

Ahh The Lock Tavern - a pub after our own hearts. If you're out and about in Camden during the day and looking for a little retreat, The Lock Tavern is a lovely, no frills location to get great nosh and refuel the engine with a cider or two. But by night this place evolves into a hub for the Camden cool, drawn in by the top-quality live music and a lively chat with equally colourful people. It’s also owned by DJ Jon Carter, so it’s safe to say the music choice is left in good hands. After all, you wouldn’t date a chef and expect to be served beans on toast now, would you? Speaking of nosebag though, the Tavern’s Sunday Roast is almost as renowned as the bar itself, claiming the title of ‘Best Roast in Chalk Farm’. They claimed it them self, sure, but no one’s contesting it, and is but one of the reasons that The Tavern is Camden’s favourite ‘tarted-up boozer’. Funny. That’s exactly how we refer to ourselves.

The Venue

The Lock Tavern is a pub, yes. But a really classy, cool one. The two-level venue charms its guests with cozy couches, warm wood panelling and mismatched retro décor. With beautiful outdoor seating areas both upstairs on the balcony and down on the terrace, The Tavern is an absolute delight on a warm summers night. They get bonus points for decoration too: each outdoor trellis woven with ivy and fairy lights, so whether you're a smoker or just a bit of a romantic, you can enjoy a drink enveloped by hundreds of twinkly lights. N’aww, it’s like a scene from Disney’s Tangled. It’s not all that ‘squeaky clean’ though, just as you'd expect from a Camden club really, there is a certain grunge-chic to it all - especially on weekends when it's likely to get extra crowded due to the live sets put on. It’s without doubt, part of its charm though. Although, if you’re a frequent guest, probably best to get a members card for priority entrance on the weekend and improve your chances of getting inside - no one likes FOMO.

The Lock Tavern Pub

Music: Indie, Rock, Electro, Soul, Funk, Live
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 80
Train Station: Chalk Farm
Address: The Lock Tavern, 35 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AJ

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Beats & Booze

We’ll tell you what’s Tony the Tiger Grrrrrr-eat about the Tavern: they bloody love a freebie. Most of their events massively encourage local and upcoming talent so generally speaking, you won’t be asked to part with your hard-earned cash for a whole lot. In a world where we pay bedroom tax and public toilet charges, The Lock Tavern is a welcome break. It’s also great for catching some great bands and DJs up close and personal due to the intimate stage area, and with a musical spectrum from Reggae and Dub to KPop to Ska, you’re sure to find something to peak your interest. When it comes to booze, there is plenty to choose from year round as well as, you know, the seasonals like Pimms in the sun or mulled wine at Christmas time. All your bar staples are present and correct though, don’t you worry. Get the guy a jager already!

The Scene

The unique thing about the Lock Tavern is that unlike some other places in this area it retains that special Camden coolness without turning into a hipster hangout. While it does attract the creatives, it certainly isn’t run by them. Not in the intimidating sense anyway. Everyone here seems very pleasant and pretty chatty at that - none of this pretension rubbish, it’s all love baby. Also: Dresscode-Schmeshcode, here, you can also wear whatever you like which definitely helps with the feeling of comfort and ease. On Sunday afternoons people gather here to enjoy a hearty meal together, have a chilled-out pint and lounge on the sofas - it’s really rather more a living room than a pub. If your living room also had live music, film screenings, DJs and poetry readings that is..

The Final Word

If you're in need of the ultimate night out in Camden, this may very well be it -especially in summer. The Lock Tavern attracts the coolest people and it’s the perfect place to hang out all day and well into the depth of night. Where else would you get grade A English food, live performances for free - and a wild after party all in one shebang? The lighthearted feeling here means that everyone is welcome and since both the music and the drinks are so varied, it is a place people from all walks of life can and will appreciate. Let’s put it this way, once you’ve been to The Lock Tavern, no "normal" pub will ever again cut the mustard. Who likes normal anyway? That’s just another word for boring. Taxi to the Tavern!