The Mayfair Club Nightclub London

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What's The Score

On the corner of Dover Street, opposite the Ritz, you'll find 'The Mayfair Club'. Although primarily a gentleman's club, The Mayfair Club opens its doors as a nightclub on weekends where guests are invited to party right through until 6am. Fiiiinally, an after hours venue with a touch of class. We’re not even being sarcastic, it’s really swanky! In fact, it’s pretty hard to tell that Monday through Friday TMC is a gentleman’s club at all. Thank God - ‘Gentleman’s Club’ on the joint account mini-statement may very well land you in pretty hot water.

The Venue

Admittedly, in isolation, static dance poles and leather chairs don’t scream silver service and you could easily assume that The Mayfair Club is one just another one of those seedy, ‘50 shades’ strip joints. Although it is essentially a strip club, it is by no means a Stringfellows or Platinum Lace. For starters: it’s uber discreet- after all, the first rule of Strip Club is you do not talk about Strip Club. Oh no wait, that’s Fight Club, Fight Club yeah. You would be missing a trick by merely writing off TMC as a ‘strip club’ though. It’s actually an awesome West End watering hole, with the latest licence in Mayfair so ideal for those times when you’re just not ready to call it a night. Decorated in lustful reds, pinks and purples, the venue is low lit and feels kind of exclusive, perfect for an inconspicuous nightcap.

The Mayfair Club Nightclub

Music: RnB, Hip Hop, Funky House, Commercial
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 500
Train Station: Green Park
Address: The Mayfair Club, 49-50 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NY

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Beats & Booze

As this is a ‘guestlist/members only’ club, make sure you’re looking hot and you'll have no problems getting in. This means heels for ladies and shirts for guys, you know the deal - standard Mayfair get-up. Music-wise you can expect a broad mix of R&B, Hip Hop Funky House, and Commercial Dance, basically anything you can dance sexily to. Most patrons will be drinking champagne and vodka by the bottle on tables but no need to fret if you're looking for something a little more low key, there's no shame in buying a drink at the bar. They may be stupidly priced but they’re not exactly selling Panda Pops, this is the real deal. There’s a reason Mayfair is the most expensive plot on the Monopoly board.

The Scene

Smoothly making the transition from gentleman’s entertainment to fully fledged nightclub on weekends, the clientele are an assorted bunch. There are a surprising amount of females and couples visiting during the week, but on the weekend it tends to be your affluent city revellers, suits, socialites and party girls as well as those there for the novelty. Prince Harry has even partied here (on more than one occasion) and if it's good enough for Royalty...The venue is actually super smart, carving its own niche in a pretty saturated nightclub market. 3am is the usual cut off around these parts, but on weekends TMC closes for an hour at 2, to then re-open as a ‘late-night’ venue. Clever. The dancers are also notoriously beautiful. In fact, it’s remarkable how they manage to stay so immaculate when they’ve been working that hard all night. After one hour of Spin, we look more like a melted ice cream cone.

The Final Word

The Mayfair club is the perfect place if you're sick of ending your night at 3am, because sometimes you’re just not ready to turn in yet. The Mayfair Club is upmarket and indulgent in all the right ways. It’s also like sexual truth serum - the environment (and the gin) just seem to tease it out of you. What, where and who you’ve done are all on the table now, matey. Don’t be the creep that gets handsy though. It’s not a YO! Sushi conveyor belt, you don’t get to just grab for what you want. The Mayfair Club is like any other formidable powerhouse: you respect them, they will respect you. Aside from that, we think you’re now more than ready for a night at The Mayfair Club. Just be careful who you ask for a lap dance. Things can get awkward reeeal quick. Well, actually, we guess that depends how good your game is...