The Nest Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Ah the Nest. The Pied Piper of Progressive Electro, calling all the cool kids to the yard. Although, instead of playing a pipe he’s playing a Keytar or ukulele. A venue so synonymous with cool that we couldn’t even find it. Nothing says ‘you’re an outsider’ like wandering around like a prat while people party beneath your feet. The Nest is a response to mainstream commercial clubbing, boasting the very best in fresh and cutting edge talent. If you love great DJs but hate the faff of going to a big club, The Nest in Dalston could well be your perfect night out. There’ll be no queuing for miles or 30 quid entry fee, no coat-check kerfuffle or never-ending labyrinth of rooms meaning trying to find your mates is like some kind of a Chucklevision skit. The Nest brings it right back to basics with its effortlessly cool basement venue and homage to O.G raving.

The Venue

Previously Barden’s Boudoir, The Nest joined the East London club circuit late 2010 and has now garnered a reputation for being high energy, easygoing and cool as ice, with a really distinctive approach to music. Because it’s distinctive, one might call it a ‘Nesty’ approach. Nestible? We don’t know. Whatever it is, it comes as no surprise that it has been voted the best bar in Dalston. Inside, you’ll find cosy alcoves and cubbys for seating, a dark inhibited dance floor dotted with booth areas, colour neon lights and walls of exposed concrete. The whole place is a really interesting combination of kitsch 70’s decor and minimalist industrial - perfect for raw, no frills raving. The Nest only continues to flourish, attracting even bigger and better with a growing reputation and titanic sound system. We might even go as far as to say that The Nest’s Martin Audio is the best we’ve encountered since our old friend Fabric- lest we forget.

The Nest Nightclub

Music: House, TechHouse, Garage, Hip Hop, DnB
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 350
Train Station: Dalston Kingsland
Address: The Nest, 36 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XJ

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Beats & Booze

If you’re after progressive Electro beats then head to Lemonade, their weekly Saturday affair that aims to combine exciting and progressive electronic music with Dalston’s fun-loving clubbing mentality. Each week their basement disco swells with the sound of dance-floor friendly beats mixed by a selection of the most dynamic DJs. Some of the acts who’ve graced the stage at The Nest include Erol Alkan, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), We Have Band, Yuksek, Busy P, Adam Freeland and Toddla T. With such an impressive history in its short existence, The Nest is sure to only get bigger and better as they continue to develop and grow as a club. The crowd are often more about the music and less about the drinks, so a simple beer or cider will usually tickle their pickle, and starting from £3.50 you can’t go too wrong. If you’re after a good deal however, bag yourself a shot rack for just £10. Double house spirits and mixers go for an average of £6.50. Wine is £15 a bottle and more expensive champers is also available if for some hilarious reason you want to drink champagne at a music venue. Just beware, as it’ll tell everyone around you that you’re new to this.

The Scene

The Nest’s industry connections help to bring in some pretty massive names on the Commercial DnB and Dance scene so is the ideal spot to witness impressive names and quality DJs. Think Moby and Chase & Status and you’re on the right lines. It’s a very popular place so expect a proper, solid crowd. It’s great for the atmosphere but deadly for your footwear. Rest in peace beloved white Vans, in retrospect, you were a terrible choice. Thursday night is the hilariously titled ‘Your Mum’s House’, home to many a Dalstonite but also welcoming any fellow muzo to the dancefloor. There are areas of The Nest where you can arrange table-service, but generally speaking, this isn’t your LBD and Louboutin demographic, this is more your Air Max and Windbreaker squad. Entry is always free before 10 too, and only a fiver after so looks like you’ve got very little reason not to at least pop your head in.

The Final Word

With its heavy sound system, air-conditioned dance floor (Hallellujah right?!) and practically pocket-change entry fee, The Nest is one of the capital’s most loved small venues to see quality DJs. It’s very rare that if you’ve been to The Nest, you’ve only been once. Think of it this way: if you’ve just eaten the best sandwich of your life, you’re gonna order that majestic, beautiful sandwich every sodding lunch time until they take it off the menu, and visiting the Nest is no different. So pull up a chair, and order yourself a big plate of bass with a side of ‘bestnightever’. Oh, and hold the hangover, thaanks.