The Playboy Club Nightclub London

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What's The Score

Everybody knows Playboy. Hugh Hefner, the centre-folds, the boobs - we get it. Playboy is an institutional powerhouse, with what's gotta be one of the most successful logos in graphic design history, up there with the Nike Swoosh and Apple's... Apple. We're pretty lucky to be part of a generation so accepting of the 'naughty' actually. What was once classed as distasteful, is now an international symbol for a mass sexual revolution. Yay boobies. Well now, that multi-million dollar business has crossed the pond, opening a new naughty nightclub in London's Mayfair. With beautiful bunnies running around serving drinks, celebrity guests and its very own casino, Hef proves that The Playboy Club is all about 'lapin' up the luxury lifestyle.

The Venue

We couldn't think of a more perfect location for The Playboy Club than Mayfair, really. It's swanky, expensive and right next to Hyde Park, which must be where all the bunnies are coming in from. The discreet glass fronted building only alludes to its Playboy connection with a doormat sporting the emblem. The club is a 3-floor split level venue, divided into rooms- each one with a distinct theme and feel. The cocktail lounge, known as The Tale Bar (which should be 'Tail' Bar, surely...) is a portion available to us mere mortals - the non-members - for drinks, dinners and afternoon tea. The detail is all painstakingly executed, certain drinks even garnished with playboy bunnies carved out of watermelon. We feel a bit mean discussing how awesome the rest of it is knowing it's all off limits to the general punter. Just know that the golden ticket membership means you're in store for private burlesque shows, cigars on the terrace, cognac tastings, close-up magic, access to the sports bar and casino complete with its very own scantily-clad croupier. We can dream...

The Playboy Club Nightclub

Music: Live, Jazz, Commercial, House
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 375
Train Station: Hyde Park Corner
Address: The Playboy Club, 14 Old Park Lane, London, W1K 1ND

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Beats & Booze

Well, here's this for insight: the Tale Bar's menu is 13 pages long. Full to bursting with classic and avant-garde cocktails, Champagnes, imported Whiskeys, premium spirits, fine wines and delightful nibbles; The Playboy Club is an indisputable library of liquor. TPC also house the oldest bottle of Rye Whisky known to exist and a 'Clos de Griffier' Cognac from 1788. Our eyes water at the thought of even handling that bottle, Betty-butter-fingers over here. Cocktails will generally cost you the best part of £15, but on occasion they're on special for £5 which, we're sure you'll agree, is quite the significant mark-down. Tunes here are provided by either live band or DJ and you can expect a well selected mix of Club and Commercial House. At the price you're paying for membership you sort of expect Beyoncé as your own personal jukebox, but the exhilaration of the live band certainly comes a close second.

The Scene

Well for starters: to get into the Playboy Club you either have to be a member or accompanied by one, so better start sucking up now. Getting a membership isn't all that easy either: once you've handed in your application, a committee will then evaluate and review it and get back you. Intimidating right? That's just shy of a cotton swab and urine sample really. Because the Playboy Club is truly high-end, their dress code is super smart. Coat and Tails you might say… That was a bunny joke, you don't really have to do the black tie thing, but do make sure you're suitably suited and booted at the very least. We also advise you bring your credit card(s). Maybe some other people's ones too- spread it around a bit. This place is pricey. And also the kind where it's generally discouraged to talk money whatsoever so to avoid the red-face and extortionate bill, better to stay vigilant. What's great about TPC is its ability to run both swanky, low-key dinners and riotous, 'swinging from the chandelier' kind of parties, completely parallel. Members have 24 hour access, making the Playboy Club the adventure playground for the wild and the beautiful.

The Final Word

Well if you're lucky enough to hold a membership card, you're gonna know how amazing this place is (albeit to the tune of £1200 p/a.) With celebrity guests, amazing food, a first-class drinks menu, stylish décor and a server wearing a cotton-tail, you're essentially royalty for the evening so we highly recommend that you scrub up and hop to it. Hang out in the Tale Bar long enough and you may even get to chatting with a member who is more than happy to give you a tour of the rest of the place. We're even slightly intrigued by the close-up magic. People would be much more impressed if a magician pulled one of these bunnies out of their hat. Usually they don't carrot all.