Trapeze Bar London

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What's The Score

Roll up, Roll up - The Circus is coming to down. Or rather it’s still here, having set up shop in an unsuspecting corner of wacky East London. Don your silliest socks and iron out your loudest shirt, because Trapeze bar and kitchen is the latest go-to party venue for a night of circus inspired décor and crazy cocktail creations. Somewhat of a magical mini-village, Trapeze takes its inspiration from London’s oldest circus school, The NCCA, which just happens to reside right around the corner. With its zany energy and colourful entertainment, Trapeze generates a fascinating sensation of childhood nostalgia, for an experience that is well and truly... ‘in-tents’.

The Venue

A crazily colourful interior with the kind of extravagance usually seen at the circus is the very least you can expect from a night spent at Trapeze. Rainbow-hued booths line the partitions of the upper bar area, while funky wall murals and a real life retired clown costume offer night long entertainment for the eyes. Nestled in an area that tries so hard to be the cool kid in school; envied by all and hated by none, Trapeze is quite happy to settle for the role of dorky, younger brother. The class clown that epitomises an indisputably lovable silliness and always puts fun first. Perfectly preened and polished it may not be, but a descent into the buzzing basement sees the colourful theme take on a slightly edgier twist with the addition of party-perfect strobe lighting to appease the more hard-core bar-goers.

Trapeze Bar

Music: Commercial, House, Hip Hop, Motown, Live
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 480
Train Station: Old Street
Address: Trapeze, 89 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3HX

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Beats & Booze

Giving a gentle nod to both ends of the musical spectrum, Trapeze’s combination of shoulder-popping hip-hop and groovy, sing-a-long Motown is a sure-fire winner with the London lot. The weekend underground sound is a cool, eclectic mix of Deep-House which guarantees to fill up the dance floor in record time, often hosted by renowned artists such as DJ Pierre and Marshall Jefferson. It kinda goes without saying that a kooky little place like Trapeze would have an appropriately whimsical drinks selection too. Bit of a sweet tooth? The tasty Tiramisu Martini is a decadent dessert inspired drink guaranteed to hit all the right spots. And with the mouth-watering offer of a yummy, tummy-filling food assortment, Trapeze’s eccentric yet creative menu generates that sought after, like-generating Insta pic time and time again.

The Scene

In prime nightlife location, it’s unsurprising that Trapeze soon fills to the brim on a weekend. While the bar and kitchen attracts couples and small groups after a casual evening get-together and light bite to eat, the heavy underground beats draw in the city’s students in abundance. Wide-eyed twenty somethings consistently flock to the alluring hint of happy hour offers and beer-filled tinnies reminiscent of those long-forgotten teenage years. Some of the characters that you’re likely to confront at Trapeze are a little wacky to say the least - but hey - that’s kind of part of the circus experience. We all have at least one friend who is completely unjustifiably freaked out by clowns. To be fair though, super cool backcombing and mini-fringes may be all the rage today, but they are essentially the millennial mullet so... who’s the clown really?

The Final Word

We know how it is – you’re out with mates, you’re trying your utmost to act cool. You locked eyes with that hottie in all the denim just two minutes ago and the last thing you want to do is go to a circus bar. “A circus…”, you think, “Really?” But no, your gang hasn’t lost the plot; they’re just daring to challenge the question on all of our minds. The question of, why must Shoreditch nights out centre around moody lighting and indie beats we only pretend to know? Well, lip-sync no more, class clown, because Trapeze allows that silly side to well and truly shine by proving that fun no longer has to mean uncool. Instead, Trapeze proudly represents everything, that if we’re honest, was kind of missing from the hyper-cool hangouts out East London: A sense of humour.