Twisted Monkey Nightclub & Bar Watford

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What's The Score

Give a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters and they will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, but turns out that if you give them a paintbrush and a plot of land in Hertfordshire, they can bring you the funkiest bar-come-nightclub that the Watford Parade has ever seen. Since June 2015, Twisted Monkey has been driving Watford bananas with it’s kooky and refreshing take on the classic club scene. So if you’re a bit of a Curious George like us then you’re gonna go nuts for Twisted Monkey.

The Venue

An accredited venue at The Best Bar None Awards 2015/16, Twisted Monkey’s fun and quirky layout immediately puts you at ease. With high ceilings, a super spacious floorplan and wooden furnishings, the whole place has a sort of ‘urban barn’ feel to it. The inside of the venue also spills out onto a huge veranda out front making it ideal for those sunny days and long summer evenings. The place is decorated top to toe with - you guessed it - Piranhas. No we’re kidding monkeys obviously. From the aptly named ‘See no’, ‘Hear no’, ‘Speak no’ drinks packages and the graffiti chimps, to the fake foliage and cheeky wall hangings, it’s positively monkey mad. Even the coffee is dusted with a cheeky chimp’s face made of cocoa. How adorable is that?

Twisted Monkey Nightclub & Bar

Music: House, Garage, Acoustic, Live, 80s, Pop, Reggae
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 200
Train Station: Watford Junction
Address: Twisted Monkey, 46 The Parade, Watford, WD17 1AY

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Beats & Booze

At only £6 or £7 a cocktail, you’re spoilt for choice here. With a whopping 23 to choose from, The Twisted Monkey have all your standard classics plus a whole load of new fun concoctions to try such as ‘The Twisted Monkey Sour’ and the ‘Shrek’ - although technically speaking, we’re not sure he’s a monkey you guys #justsaying. It’s all about the activities here at Twisted Monkey, and you can get stuck into something different every single night of the week. There’s Karaoke Tuesdays where you’re provided with a box of props and costumes to really go ape with, live music on Wednesdays, Retro gaming and nostalgic tunes on Throwback Thursdays and Sundays are especially dedicated to Reggae. Let’s just say boredom is definitely not on the cards here. They also host the most hands-on cocktail masterclass of all time where you’re totally encouraged to drink as you go- this isn’t your typical classroom set-up. For under £20 you can engage in some ludicrous, blindfolded mixology madness. Also: keep your eyes open for the ‘Cocktail Making-Speed Dating’ nights, because we figure that’s gotta be the ultimate ice breaker.

The Scene

They’ve somehow managed to capture all the energy and fun of a club whilst keeping the chill of a bar. Sorcery. In that sense it’s a great hangout for anyone who would rather leave the heels at home. It’s also a great spot for the money conscious because the prices here are all super respectable. Everything on the food menu ranges between £3 and £9 and you can even grab a small glass of wine for as little as £2.70, which we hear is the going rate of a Freddo these days. For a cool £15, you can also enjoy the Shisha Lounge which currently includes delights like: Pina colada, Blue Mist (A blueberry/candyfloss blend) ‘Pink’ (Raspberry with a splash of lemonade), ‘Code 69’ (With a tart fruit punch taste) and the house favourite: Grape & Mint. Although oddly, not a banana in sight.

The Final Word

Whatever monkey business you had in mind, you can and will find it here. We just love this place’s sense of fun and how you can almost guarantee to spot someone strolling around in a monkey suit. That’s not exactly something you’d get away with on like, the National Rail is it? Twisted Monkey is the perfect place to spend your well deserved downtime because they just know how to bring out this child-like sense of mischief in you, and sometimes that’s just what you need. After all, you and me baby ain’t nothin but mammals.