Zebrano Carnaby Nightclub & Bar London

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What's The Score

All dressed up with Zebrano-where to go? Not anymore. Neatly tucked away off London’s famous Carnaby Street, Zebrano is a snazzy little cocktail bar attracting masses of city slickers and party starters alike. With a cocktail menu to marvel at, underground dance floors, DJ’s and regular Happy Hours both day and night, this little wonder is a zesty and zealous addition to the London bar scene. There’s a reason Zebrano is an anagram for Boozer. Well it’s not, it almost is - we lost the ‘A’ and the ‘N’, but you tend to lose things on a particularly heavy night out anyway right?

The Venue

Sat between diners and coffee shops on Ganton Street, Zebrano is cosy but sleek with a neat contemporary finish. It’s ground floor is dressed with tables and booths and has floor length windows opening out onto a small strip of tables and chairs in the open for those after the al fresco experience. If you’re more in the market for a hair down, Saturday setting, then pop downstairs to the Zebrano dance floors. Floors, yeah. Plural. Downstairs you’ll find two bars, each with its own respective dance floor and surrounding seating area. Zebrano retains elements of the traditional but with a really fresh and unusual perspective. We love how Zebrano have managed to do so much with the space, offering enough dance room to have both dancefloors compete in a West-Side Story styled stand off, clicking and passively aggressively dancing at each other. As far as we know, they haven’t done that as yet but we remain hopeful and with castanets in hand.

Zebrano Carnaby Nightclub & Bar

Music: Commercial, Chart, Pop, House
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 300
Train Station: Oxford Circus
Address: Zebrano Carnaby, 14-16 Ganton Street, London, W1F 7BT

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Beats & Booze

Pop down before 7:30 Sunday through to Thursday to enjoy the £22 or £28 set menu with bottomless Prosecco. At Zebrano, the attentive service never lets you see your glass reach half full...or half empty, but let’s not start that again. Our cup literally runneth over. Zebrano’s drinks menu isn’t limited to bubbles though - oh no - it’s extensive menu perhaps its biggest feat. Here you’ll find a generous helping of long and short cocktails, selection of Reds, Whites and Rosés, Beers, Ciders, spirits both house and premium and shooters (or shots to the normal people). Paddles of 6 shooters go for 19.95, meaning each one works out at just over 3 pounds a pop. Sounds good to us - wrack ‘em up, boys. Musically, Zebrano provides the perfect mix of Commercial, Chart, House and Pop, mixing up the genres throughout the night to cater to each party goer present. Well if that’s not hospitality, we don’t know what is.

The Scene

In the centre of our capital, surrounded by shops, offices, flats and café’s, Zebrano attracts a variety of crowds: from those clocking off from work to those resting their feet after a shopping spree. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is laid back and the punters are chilled, inviting a variety of the public to enjoy this little hideaway well into the night. Without sounding too Dr Seuss: it’s great for quiet drinks with food and those in the party mood. We also see it being perfect first date territory: relaxed, somewhat aloof and quietly cool. Maybe not for the romantic ‘Lady and the Tramp’ type date, but for an ice-breaking introduction, Zebrano would be the perfect choice. Alternatively, grab your mates for Monday’s Ping pong or perhaps join the Fantasy Football league and try your luck at winning over £5000 worth of goodies. Zebrano is like the cool, fun friend that you secretly want to be, always up for getting stuck in and turfing you off your feet and onto the dancefloor when you’re feeling a bit self-conscious. They’ve even got a free cloakroom, so now you’ve really no excuse to stay sat ‘minding the stuff’.

The Final Word

Zebrano is an all round perfect little bar to sneak away and grab a drink with friends. On weekdays it does close at 12am and only an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays so Zebrano is a bit more ‘Pre-brano’, meaning you may want to head to a late night venue to keep the party going. In such a great location, though, you’re totally spoilt for choice. The drinks selection was by far the most extensive we’ve seen for a venue so compact, leaving us wondering where the heck they keep it all - each bar seemingly one of Mary Poppin’s handbag. It’s not often you have that much Chim-Chimminy choice to be quite honest. Maybe if we can catch a particularly strong Western Wind, our brollies will take us straight to Zebrano.