Babel Bar London

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What's The Score

Whoever shouts the loudest wins – all too often the case in group discussions. You know, the discussions where all voices seem to merge together with no way of ascertaining which sound came from who until someone finally take it up a notch. Well, funnily enough, those eardrum-bursting noises are actually more commonly known as ‘babel’. And that’s exactly what this Clapham Junction bar takes its name and inspiration from; different voices, eras and personalities all harmoniously rolled into one, creating a venue that is both interesting and diverse, without any of the god-awful shoutiness.

The Venue

Nestled in a delightfully bustling area just a handy stone’s throw away from Clapham Junction station, Babel is perfectly situated for drinks any and every day of the week. Seemingly pretty ordinary looking on the outside, the plain signage just doesn’t prepare you for the preened and polished interior as you step foot in the door. Softly-hued modern furnishings are set against vibrant, colourful details for a chic look that is thought-out down to an absolute tee. The vast Victorian-style bar is certainly a sight to behold for those lovers of a few vintage tipples. Not to mention the ceiling adorned with an array of 1950’s lampshades in, literally, all shapes and sizes. And you know a place has gotta be good when even the pristine bathrooms carry with them an air of decadence – that’s right, no broken cubicle doors or lack of loo roll here.

Babel Bar

Music: Chart, Commercial, Pop, Ambient
Dress Code: Casual
Capacity: 200
Train Station: Clapham Junction
Address: Babel, Lansdowne House, London, SW11 1NG

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Beats & Booze

Serving up a treat from brunch to dinner time, Babel’s all day food menu is full to the brim with wholesome, tasty dishes guaranteed to appease taste buds and fill even the most fussy of tummies. Trust us, for food this yummy with such a great musical accompaniment of chart hits and party anthems, you’d usually be whipping out the credit card and worrying about it later. Not at Babel - because affordable quality is what they’re all about. So enjoy a few sharing sides or a pizza for two (or one, we don’t judge) on the side of a classic, hand-crafted cocktail without any of the all too familiar bank-balance guilt.

The Scene

With the Clapham area drawing in such a diverse range of individuals, it comes as no surprise that Babel is filled with much of the same. And, you know what? It’s this variety that makes this venue, quite simply, so great. Daytimes see families and friends coming together for light lunches and catch ups in an all-round dreamy setting. And could Babel really register on the kooky scale without the notorious studious-hipster-type, snuggled in a corner, setting up camp with his Mac and Instagrammable chai latte? Of course not. So, like the Where’s Wally of his time, he’s sure to be there somewhere. Thursday evenings are when the party really gets going as the crowd becomes livelier and the popular chart hits get cranked up a notch. You’ll find after-work drinkers and SW London’s younger throng coming together to get suitably sloshed in style while unashamedly dancing away until close.

The Final Word

Sophisticated while retaining all of the ingredients of a fun night out; Babel is a welcomed addition to the London nightlife scene with its eye-catching décor, first-class food offering and eclectic mix of clientele. So, next time you find yourself in a much too shouty group scenario; why not take all that shoutiness down to Babel? Hell, the locals might not appreciate it, but at least you’ll get a few ironic laughs creating a babel in Babel.