Bodo's Schloss Nightclub & Bar London

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What's The Score

‘Where do you summer, darling?’ Hmm. If you’re, we don’t know, normal and don’t gallivant around on weekly getaways like a bored MIC socialite, you might not actually get away all too often. If that is the case, then boy do we have a treat for you. Bodo’s Schloss is a magical Alpine themed bar, restaurant and club allowing you to experience not only a taste of the indulgent Austrian Alps, but also the perfect opportunity to ‘get away from it all’. At least for the night.

The Venue

Located in the heart of classy Kensington, just a five minute walk from High Street Ken station is where you’ll find Bodo’s. The venue itself is pretty spectacular; with trunks of wood surrounding the fireplace, sledge hammers hanging off the walls, stag heads, cow skin seats, or in other words ‘a vegan’s nightmare’. Maybe a bit too graphic for some, but what do you expect? It’s a bar based on a country where hunting is a cultural tradition. Low ceilings and hanging lights give that extra cosy feel, that in reality you’d actually desire in the cold conditions of the Austrian Alps. Smart thinking. Keeping in tone with the whole Austrian theme, the staff are even dressed in traditional dirndl and lederhosen, and to be frank, they rock it pretty well. They’ve really gone all out to create the most authentic ski lodge you’ll ever come across. We even doubt an actual Austrian Ski Lodge is this much like an Austrian Ski Lodge.

Bodo's Schloss Nightclub & Bar

Music: Commercial, Chart, Pop, Hip Hop, Throwback
Dress Code: Casual
Capacity: 350
Train Station: High Street Kensington
Address: Bodo's Schloss, 2A Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT

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Beats & Booze

One of the coolest things about this bar, is the fact the DJ spins their tunes in a faux Ski Lift. So, whilst dancing around the 70s cable cart in the middle of the venue, you can expect to hear a load of Commercial music from cheesy sing-a-long worthy bangers to throwback eighties and nineties synth Pop. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a round of shots which come served in an old wooden ski, otherwise, they have a nice range of cocktails (including a rum punch that’s served in a ski boot, literally) and an abundance of imported Austrian beer. They also have a restaurant which is open until 10pm, offering the culinary delights of Austria so be sure to check out some of this grub for a real taste of Bodo’s Alpine ski dream.

The Scene

If Bodo’s Schloss is known for one thing, it’s definitely their impressive list of famous guests. From Prince Harry and Gwyneth Paltrow to Rita Ora and Cameron Diaz, you’d be insane to not be curious about this place. If you want to witness royalty knocking back shots then you can’t go wrong at Bodo’s. Other than an A-list celebrity guest list, the venue attracts a good mix of people, mostly consisting of the younger ages. As long as you are up for a good dance and having fun, then there’s nothing to worry about – it’s right up your alley. Earlier in the evening, before the venue turns into a post ski-rave, is your opportunity to get stuck into the restaurant some yummy Fondue and traditional Schnitzel. Granted ‘Schnitzel’ doesn’t sound super appetising, but we can assure you: it is.

The Final Word

This central London ski lodge is the stuff of Alpine dreams, having gone to great measures to make sure it’s one of the city’s best and most entertaining themed venues. As well as cunning design, their beverages and food are actually imported just to go that one extra step for authenticity. So what if you’re not actually abroad- real snow gets boring pretty quickly anyway. Remember at school when the novelty wore off and you were just left with burning hands, a runny nose and a bright red sting-ey face? It’s actually quite a relief to step outside and realise you’re not surrounded by miles of dangerous black ice. You can’t debut your new heels in real snow, but you certainly can at Bodo’s.