Electrowerkz Nightclub London

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What's The Score

‘Throwing a wrench in the works’ would usually indicate something’s gone a bit wrong. But throwing a wrench in the Werkz? That’s just another Steampunk Saturday. Tucked behind Angel tube station, Electrowerkz’s inconspicuous entry is signalled by one lone door- a very modest portal to a world of bizarre and outrageous antics. Providing alternative nightlife for more than 20 years, Electrowerkz has thrown some kick ass parties and remains a hedonistic hotspot for East London grunge. They say: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ So shrewdly, they haven’t. Everything about this place still very much Electro werkz.

The Venue

Three floors of unadulterated awesome make up the Electrowerkz venue, and with a slew of rooms on each floor- it’s practically a Swiss-Army-club. Want to dance all night? Done. Want to rest your feet and go watch a movie? Oh look, you can do that too. Granted, it does look a bit dilapidated, but that just adds to the gritty warehouse feel, and with over 20 years on the club circuit under its belt, something’s bloomin’ working, bringing an excitable crowd in night after night. It also runs right through until the early hours of the morning when most clubs have long since gone to bed. This the kind of place that only benefits from the 24-hour tubes because of the people heading out for the night. With a bar serving until 5am, and the venue ploughing on ‘til 7, Electrowerkz is one venue perfect for the naughty night-owls amongst us. It is somewhat of maze to navigate, but once you’ve got the floorplan it’s all gravy. Although, don’t panic, you haven’t accidentally wandered into the wrong loo- they’re unisex!

Electrowerkz Nightclub

Music: Goth, Electro, Hip Hop, Acid, Reggae, Jazz, Techno, SynthPop, Dubstep
Dress Code: Alt Wear
Capacity: 750
Train Station: Angel
Address: Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ

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Beats & Booze

Music? Sheesh, where do we start? Electrowerkz is pretty much as diverse as they come. Due to the locations multi-room layout, Electrowerkz can cater to a huge range of genres simultaneously. Goth, Electro, Hip Hop, Acid, Reggae, Jazz, Techno, SynthPop… it’s all happening. That must be interesting for the neighbours. What’s great though, it how Electrowerkz is kind of like a social ceasefire where all music-lovers, regardless of their scene, can come together and enjoy something together. In separate rooms, sure, but together at least in the geographical sense. A bit like how spending quality time with your parents used to mean staying upstairs with your bedroom door closed. Slimelight, Electrowerkz’s riotously popular Goth event, operate an ‘unofficial bring your own booze policy’, which is super unusual, but something we’re definitely not complaining about. It’s not even as if the bars are unreasonably priced either. BYOB plus double the bang for your buck at the bar? Now that’s maths we like. More booze equals more party. They’ve also been known to throw silent discos, karaoke contents and have a bloomin’ cake bar.

The Scene

Electrowerkz is the definitive playground for niche musical subcultures. Electrowerkz host nights specifically for Goth, Techno, Grunge and EBM audiences, and even team up with some pretty unusual and exciting third parties such as: Fetish club ‘Torture Garden’ and underground musical community ‘Cult Of Ya’ to make sure each and every event booked by Werkz is equally unforgettable. You’ll need to embrace the grunge here, it’s not tea at the Ritz after all- these guys have come equipt for longevity. Think waterproofs, walking boots and water bottles attached at the waist with carabiners. Well not literally that, but they’re professionals. Take note though, as it’s pretty important to dress the part at Electrowerkz for the purpose of entry. Club nights are generally a members only but you shouldn’t have any problems provided you’re not sticking out like a sore thumb. Electrowerkz is not for the faint of heart, but don’t worry, they also sell sweets for keeping your sugar levels in check - you’re gonna need some serious stamina to make it ‘til 7.

The Final Word

Electrowerkz is versatile and affordable and above all, diverse af. Did we mention that it's been strong for over 20 years now? Oh we did? Just thought we'd mention that again because that in itself speaks volumes. It’s gotta be one of the best alternative venues we’ve had the pleasure of encountering: sticky, unusual and new levels of cool. It has to be said though, our favourite part of Electrowerkz is how people are 100% unapologetically themselves. There is no pretence whatsoever, people merely are who they are. It is a thousand miles from the image-conscious clientele you’ll find flouncing around the East End. When we say favourite part, we actually meant second favourite, because let’s be real- they had us at ‘cake-bar’...