Far Rockaway Bar London

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What's The Score

Ah, our American cousins; effortlessly cool and undeniably hip. How we can only dream to, one day, walk in your shoes (Yeezy’s, of course. Need you ask?) Luckily, with the help of trendy Shoreditch venue, Far Rockaway, we can be one step closer to achieving that coveted American dream. Set over an array of eclectic levels, this modular New York-style space possesses an undeniable artistic air with a subtle nod to couch potato dining. That’s right, enjoy comfort food away from home and make Lady Liberty herself beam with pride as you kick-back and digest all things USA.

The Venue

You know how it is; planning a night out in Shoreditch requires a lot of work - spreadsheets, presentations, the lot. With almost too many places on offer in this densely bar-populated area, Far Rockaway waves goodbye to the hipster fuss all too often thrown in your face by East London venues and, instead, opts for an edgy urban vibe. With quirky mismatched furnishings, a skateboard smothered ceiling and an extensive comic book collection guaranteed to turnaround even the worst Tinder date, this authentic Americana diner-come-bar is infectiously fun. Going stateside has literally never been easier – no, really, a quick tube across the city is all it takes. Although, it gets a little tricky to retain this look of cool whilst gorging on popcorn shrimp. Trust us, we’ve tried - it’s not a good look.

Far Rockaway Bar

Music: House, Garage, Funk, Party
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 400
Train Station: Shoreditch High Street
Address: Far Rockaway, 97-113 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3BS

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Beats & Booze

Hosting a menu giving a big American ‘Hey There’ to simple tasty treats sure to fill even the emptiest of bellies, Far Rockaway hits the nail on the head with fuss-free dining. And the mouth-watering delights don’t stop there, because it’s margaritas galore at this crazy colourful venue, from a good ol’ classic to a fresh and fruity blueberry twist all washed down with a hearty dose of feet-shuffling deep house beats and 80’s funk classics. With cocktails on tap (We know! genius, right?) and prices resting around the average mark, a night at Far Rockaway certainly won’t break the bank. Although there’s always the option to slip a few sneaky shots into your rounds if you want to speed up your mission to DrunkTown. We've been, and it's great.

The Scene

Naturally, a night spent in East London will always see a surprising mix of alcohol-appreciators coming together in the cosiest of spaces. And Far Rockaway is no exception to the rule, with its chilled vibe effortlessly drawing in tourists, the after-work crowd and Shoreditch’s younger mob in their masses. That’s right, expect an abundance of septum piercings and bushy beards nestled among smart suits and polished loafers as the city’s young’uns flock to sample the selection of cool craft beers and creative cocktails. But, don’t worry, there’s no need to slink into a corner shamefully clutching your mainstream Chardonnay, because Far Rockaway is sure to bring out your wild side. Who knows, by the end of the night you’ll have forgotten all about your earlier apprehension and could even be partaking in a karaoke duet Elton & Kiki Dee style with one of those face-metal-loving 20 somethings.

The Final Word

Artsy is their name, and big, brash nights out are their game. By giving a cool, trendy nod to the Big Apple lifestyle, Far Rockaway poses as a one-stop destination for East London nights out with a great starred and striped twist. This funky bar shows that there’s certainly no shame at all in chowing down on a great big 10” pizza while guzzling endless intoxicating cocktails. In fact, the real shame comes from not adding that oh-so-calorific but oh-so-darn-good mac ‘n’ cheese to the side of your feast. Thigh gap? Pshh to that.