London Fields Brewery Pub London

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What's The Score

If you think you've got the craft beer market sussed, then let us tell you, you're in for a brewed awakening when coming across the diamond that is Hackney's London Fields Brewery. Just a few minutes walk from London Fields Station, it's known for its epic live music events, as well as its abundance of great grub and of course, variety of liquid libations. Turns out that London Fields Brewery really is ale it's cracked up to be - you just wheat and see.

The Venue

Situated under two railway arches, you'll really have no concept of LFB's size until you're inside. With loads of little separate areas within, London Fields Brewery is a veritable hoppy haven which generates that feeling of entering Thorpe Park and not knowing which ride to go on first. Rooms labelled 'The Hop House, The 'Malt Store', and the 'Conservatory' all feature a woodsy, timber aesthetic, providing the ideal backdrop for a cold beer, and the open air courtyard which joins the two arches, gives a nice al fresco alternative for the warmer months. LFB is kitted out with everything from stage space and a dancefloor to cosy little cubbies and fairy lights for nibbles and a much needed catch-up. The distinct areas have separate bars too, so no need to wrestle for the bartender's attention either. Win.

London Fields Brewery Pub

Music: Live, Acoustic, Indie, Rock, Electro, Alt
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 500
Train Station: London Fields
Address: London Fields Brewery, 365-366 Warburton Street, London, E8 3RR

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Beats & Booze

If you hadn't already guessed, London Fields Brewhouse is known for their craft beers and selection of ales, making it prime location for the big beer enthusiasts amongst us. Offering their very own brewery tour - where you can learn more about the craft of Hackney's finest brews and how to pair your brew with food - LFB is way more than just a glorified pub, its an educational experience! You'll also get to take part in a cheeky beer tasting session too, which is always fun. If we have to stay here all night to sample the finest beers and ales for them, then so be it. That's just the kinda people we are. As for music and entertainment, LFB has a pretty decent spread. Playing live Jazz every Sunday and regularly hosting bands, there's barley any reason to miss out. Get it? Barley? Nevermind.

The Scene

London Fields Brewhouse is open to everyone, and what we mean by that is there's no specific type of crowd that goes here, but because of the brand events they hold, they do attract a lot of creative and interesting people. There is a super social element to it, too, as they're essentially a building full of people sharing a explicit interest in something: beer. It's way easier to strike up a conversation with someone in the name of research than going in completely cold with a half-hearted 'What you drinking?'. 'What are you drinking?' is actually a really legitimate opener at LFB. London Fields Brewhouse is also one of London's most sought after venue spaces for events; hosting launches and parties for NME, Red Bull, VICE, Adidas, Boiler Room, Live Nation, and many more.

The Final Word

Attentive, friendly staff, endless amount of craft beer and a buzzing atmosphere make this brewhouse a popular choice among North Londoners. Actually sod it, amongst humans. We seriously advocate that you hop to it. LFB manages to have a charm that adapts to fit the seasons year round. It's rustic woodsy vibe makes it great for a winter warming dark ale, whereas the lovely little courtyard screams shandy in the sun. And if it calls for drinking year round, then, that is what we shall do. You may say you're only a social drinker, and it just turns out you're very social but look at this way: In dog beers, you've only had one.