Oslo Bar London

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What's The Score

Ever had to go to one place for food, another for drinks, and then ANOTHER for entertainment? You spend the whole night either hobbing from one tube to another or making small talk with a whole football team worth of Uber drivers. To be frank, it can be a bit of a pain in the behind. But what if there was one place that offered it all? You're interested now huh? Just hop on over to Hackney to visit Nordic themed triple threat, Oslo, for the very best food, drink and live music this side of the North Sea.

The Venue

Located literally next door to Hackney Central Station, it's pretty easy to track down, which is a big thumbs up from us - no need to keep an eye on your wayward Magpie of a mate in transit to this one. Another cool thing about this versatile venue is that it was once part of an old railway station, showing that Oslo is a true believer in never letting anything go to waste. Keeping in with the whole deserted railway theme, this venue flaunts an industrial design, with a modern interior. The ground floor, which belongs to the eatery and bar, has a very simplistic, yet arty aesthetic. Their unusual lighting, brick walls, and wooden furniture are the main components of Oslo's signature look. Where does the live music usually go down? Upstairs, ironically. The area, which can hold just shy of 400 is a little reminiscent of The Camden Assembly venue, formerly known as The Barfly, so perfect for the fan of the more intimate gig.

Oslo Bar

Music: Indie, House, Synth Pop, Dance, Live, Acoustic
Dress Code: None
Capacity: 625
Train Station: Hackney Central
Address: Oslo, 1A Amhurst Road, London, E8 1LL

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Beats & Booze

Oslo offers a decent range of lagers, ciders, and wines, as well as some classic cocktails, so you definitely couldn't complain about variety. We suggest going for the Salted Caramel Martini, and yes it's as tasty as it sounds. Drinks range from around £3.80 and work their way upwards, but if you're on a budget, not to worry - strategic purchasing can mean this place is definitely pocket friendly. As for food, the restaurant serves up everything from salads, sandwiches, steaks, fish and a variety of burger options. You can even grab some enticing Scandinavian starters to sample Oslo's true Viking inspiration. The music is a nice little mix of Dance, House, Eclectic synth pop, and R&B, although sadly, we didn't note any traditional Norwegian Folk. That was super embarrassing having come all the way on the tube dressed in Bunad.

The Scene

Unless The Stone Roses are playing here, it's pretty much a young crowd at Oslo. Students, music lovers, socialites, you get the drill. A lot of the bands that do play here are of the Alt/ Indie persuasion though, so do expect a couple of long haired, bearded men passing your way, perhaps in a spatter of double denim. We call these the contemporary Vikings. Duke Dumont and Bright Light Bright Light are among some of the special acts that have played here, so keep a lookout for any popular artists making an appearance.

The Final Word

Oslo is anything but Hagar the Horrible, in fact, it's possibly one of the best smaller venues in London and is hugely underrated. An impressive gig venue with fantastic food and an endless list of drinks - we really wouldn't think twice about returning. Run by DHP Family - the same people who own some of Nottingham’s best-loved venues - it's no wonder Oslo is a lasting success. So once your GoogleMaps has recalibrated and realised you're not trying to venture to Norway, but instead the much closer (and dare we say cooler) Oslo in Hackney, there is nothing holding you back. Apart from maybe your magpie mate, of course. Looks like she's spotted something shiny.