Scala Nightclub & Bar London

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What's The Score

Combi Bar-Club-Gig venue, Scala, has sure been through a lot of changes since it was first built in the 1920’s. It’s not only served as a factory in the First World War, but a cinema for screening nudey movies in the 70’s until it finally was closed in 1992. Thankfully six years later, some bright spark decided to reopen it and Scala now remains one of the best known nightclubs in all of London. You might also be interested to know that by Latin translation, Scala means ‘ladder’ or ‘staircase’ - which makes a lot of sense given the amount of stairs Scala seems to have. You’re likely to wake up with a leg-day hangover as if you’ve endured a half-hour slog on the cross trainer or a particularly chipper session with Mr. Motivator. We wonder if the name is some kind cryptic warning message. Blink once for yes, twice for no.

The Venue

Being a former cinema, what used to be the screening room is now Scala’s main room: a spacious stage area for live bands and DJs surrounded by lots of tiered balconies guaranteeing everyone the perfect vantage point. Scala is kitted out with three bars, two dance rooms and, of course, the spacey concert room. You can also head upstairs to the ‘Glass Bar’ where you’re invited to starfish out on their cozy sofas and enjoy the view across the main dancefloor. Scala is a huge club with so many different areas it’s easy to get a bit lost. It’s a bit hall of mirrors in the sense that you can easily end up somewhere you didn’t know was there, whilst on route to somewhere else. Using the phrase ‘I’ll catch you up’ at Scala is as good as saying ‘Goodbye forever’. You’d be better off buying a load of baby-leashes to make sure the whole squad moves in formation, Beyoncé style. Journeying outside, you’ll also spy a small yard, serving as a smoking area and well needed dancefloor R&R zone. The whole venue is supposedly built for as many as 1,145 people. We mean, that’s pretty specific. God forbid you invite someone.

Scala Nightclub & Bar

Music: Live, Indie, Electro, Hip Hop, Commercial, Latin, Dub
Dress Code: Smart
Capacity: 1145
Train Station: King's Cross St. Pancras
Address: Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9NL

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Beats & Booze

World famous musicians such as The Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith, Iggy Azalea, Lana Del Rey, Coldplay and The Killers have all strut their stuff at Scala. On weekdays the club usually hosts live music events, whereas on the weekends it’s more reserved for the wild club nights and late-night dancing. Scala is a Mecca for Folk, Hip Hop, Indie and Electronica, hosting weekly events where smaller breakthrough artists have the opportunity to make themselves known, and giving us front row seats to fresh London- town talent. Win win. When it comes to drinks, Scala is up there with the best of them, with all your favourite indulgent spirits, mixers, beers, bubbly and shots. Plus, with three bars you won’t be waiting long either. Wins all over the place.

The Scene

Scala is great for the easily bored and the restless - there’s just so much going on. It tends to attract lots of young, excitable party lovers. Students too, as well as live music lovers and even dance fans will enjoy a night out here with an ever-changing array of themes and events going on. We mean it when we say they go all out for an event, too. We’re talking Boxing and Muay Thai fight nights, UV parties, acoustic gigs, YouTube personality meetups and salsa/bachata dancing nights. It is a bit on the pricier side compared to other clubs, but nothing in comparison to the fancy Mayfair price bracket. What it does mean though, is that the club is naturally crowded and never too full that you start having a claustrophobic moment. That tends to be when you start to encounter the troublemakers, but with Scala, the pleasant party vibe hits you the second you walk in.

The Final Word

You’ll find all kinds of people at Scala: it’s like the bubble and squeak of the clubbing world. You know, like how your Mum does it with all the random leftover veg from Sunday Lunch. London socialites, chuck a few of them in there. Arty alternatives? Yeah a few of them. Old school raver in an oasis hat? Add some of them in, yeah. The electric blend of people here give Scala a really unique energy that is completely contagious. It’s also one of the very few clubs that manages to provide both great live music and a great nightclub experience, so Scala we tip our bucket hats to you. If you’re meeting people here though, we do suggest you set off a little early. There really is a lot of ‘Scala’. Sorry, stairs.