The Magic Roundabout Bar London

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What's The Score

Beep beep! We bet you never thought you’d be sipping on an ice-cold pint whilst making awkward eye-contact with a stranger in a Vauxhall Corsa, did you? Well, get used to the drowned out noises of nose-to-tail London gridlock as you kickback and enjoy the wonderfully weird reality of lounging around smack bang in the middle of Old Street roundabout. No, really – Magic Roundabout is just that; a literal East London roundabout transformed into a magically social delight of great booze, tasty food and pumping beats. It really is as bizarre and awesome as it sounds, but what did we expect? The Magic Roundabout TV show wasn’t exactly the invention of a sane person either really, was it?

The Venue

In an area that couldn’t be closer to the trendy Old Street area (it’s literally on top of the station), Magic Roundabout prides itself on all things quirky. Accessed via a secret tunnel within the tube station, this bar is a real treat for evening drinks with a cool, urban twist. The décor is, quite simply, unlike anything you’ll have seen before. With funky wall murals and colourful lanterns, each area is clad in colourful details and kooky finishes – it’s everything we love about hipster city life in absolute bucket loads. And, with street-food-inspired catering from the likes of chicken connoisseurs White Men Can’t Jerk, Burger Bear and vegan experts, FFS, all under one roof, it’s safe to say that a visit to Magic Roundabout definitely counts as a cheat day.

The Magic Roundabout Bar

Music: Chart, Commercial, RnB,
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 500
Train Station: Old Street
Address: The Magic Roundabout, Old Street Roundabout, London, EC1Y 1BE

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Beats & Booze

If the wonderfully weird interior and impressive grub isn’t enough, you’ll certainly be swayed by the tasty tipples on offer at Magic Roundabout. An abundance of creative cocktails and craft beers are served in shed loads, but certainly come at a cost with a night on the roundabout being one to remember, if not, a bit of an investment. Luckily, all that spent dollar soon becomes a distant memory as your ears are treated to sounds of some of London’s hottest DJs dropping nothing but awesome Disco, House and party beats.

The Scene

Funnily enough, it’s not all about the booze and beats at Magic Roundabout. Catering to all ages and all backgrounds, this crazy colourful venue draws in a varied mix of party-loving youths and fun-seeking tourists for an atmosphere that is undeniably entertaining. Also playing host to regular family days, Magic Roundabout gives a subtle nod to playtime activities where kids are more than welcome to join in the fun. Well, it would be cruel to keep it all to ourselves, wouldn’t it? City suits from nearby Barbican and alike flock to the chink-chink sounds of champagne flutes as the clock signifies the end of work and the start of party time. But, even for a venue so vast in size, don’t be surprised to see it almost overflowing of an evening as East London’s cool crowd join the dancefloor. Not to dance though obviously, just to sway forlornly.

The Final Word

On hand to offer some much-needed street cred to the London bar scene, Magic Roundabout represents everything we love about city life. Trendy in its truest form, this quirky hangout is a sure-fire winner for drinking, snacking and late-night dancing. Perfectly avoiding the unwanted ‘try-hard’ persona, the casual kooky vibes and nostalgic childhood feels of Magic Roundabout are more than enough to keep you interested. And the best bit? The look of fury on the faces of the drivers stuck at stand still while you work your way through a Strawberry Woo Woo. Better you than me, mate. Cheers.