The Roxy Nightclub & Bar London

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What's The Score

Ultra-trendy and effortlessly cool - isn’t that something we all strive to be? Strive being the operative word there. A lot of us trying on a least 4 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes and a variety of questionable hats before venturing out for the night. It seems we could all learn a thing or two from West End’s New York-esque buzzy bar and nightclub, The Roxy, who skips the try-hard ‘What do you think of this cravat, Mum?’ stage and instead, goes straight to doing what it does best: nailing those sought after funky vibes. That’s right, traipse the streets of London no more, because the search for a hip Soho venue that doesn’t break the bank is finally over – let’s all rejoice together!

The Venue

Plonked at the thankfully less touristy end of Oxford Street, The Roxy seamlessly waves goodbye to an era of boring bars with no personality. Its plush, polished interior gives this swanky bar a stylish edge and creates a refined, sophisticated environment perfect for all-night-long cocktail guzzling. Urban bare brick walls are nicely accompanied by leather furnishings and swish chandeliers to add a touch of class without compromising the fun, good-time atmosphere. Still need convincing? The Roxy’s prime location rests just minutes from the saving grace of the nighttube. Never again will you have to utter the words “I’ve gotta go or I’ll miss the last train home”, instead, banish those early bedtimes once and for all. And if that’s not enough, there’s even a late night Maccy D’s just around the corner, helping to satisfy those drunken burger cravings.

The Roxy Nightclub & Bar

Music: Hip Hop, Commercial, House, Pop, RnB
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Capacity: 400
Train Station: Tottenham Court Road
Address: The Roxy, 3-5 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HJ

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Beats & Booze

Bouncing beats every night of the week ensure tourists and post-pub goers alike flock to the cool underground sounds of The Roxy in swarms. Chart and cheesy pop hits attract a dance-loving crowd simply there to have a good time, while Sundays see the introduction of deep House tunes from the likes of Lorenzo Aka and Lou Rey. Dancing’s not your thing? No problem! Early weekday evenings offer something a little different in the shape of all-night indie music. That’s right, sip on that vino or slurp down that cocktail pitcher for one (hey, we’re not judging!) in the comfortable knowledge that your ears are safe from Bieber for a night.

The Scene

The beginning of an evening at The Roxy sees a relaxed, chilled vibe that certainly appeals to the after-work, young professionals. But, as the night gets underway, the throng swells shoulder-to-shoulder with an eclectic mix of the working and party crowds. Unsurprisingly, a queue is to be expected upon arrival as The Roxy offers the perfect pit-stop for those looking to dodge the dreaded commute home. Oh, the Northern line has severe delays, you say? Then there’s no other option – beer it is! Wednesdays are typically student night in this bustling basement bar, so if rowdy, tequila-drinking groups are not really your cup of tea, it might be best to sample the delights of The Roxy on another, far less boisterous evening when the students have delved back into hibernation.

The Final Word

Unlike a lot of Soho settings, affording a night at The Roxy doesn’t require a re-mortgaging of your house. Gone are the mornings of waking up with that dreaded sense of guilt about how much cash you splashed the night before. Never again must you feel reluctant to check your bank account or to scour those scrunched up receipts buried in the depths of your pockets that once felt like little letters from Satan himself. Simply rest easy in the knowledge that your pennies are safe meaning your sole focus can be on nursing that sore head with the remnants of the double cheeseburger you spent the night cuddled up to.