A Unique Diary

All businesses have had the experience of losing their reservations diary and the creation of double bookings. Stored in the cloud across the globe Cluboid diaries can never be deleted, destroyed, lost, or stolen. Plus with controls over your resources you never need to worry about a double booking ever again.

Keeps track of time

See full contact data and images

Knowing which bookings upcoming, which resources are free, and predicting customer wait times can be tricky when you're dealing with a full diary. Cluboid soothes the pain with a diary that can head back and forth in time to show you the live status of your bookings.

Never Double Books

See full contact data and images

It's easy to sometimes get confused when dealing with lot's of reservations, especially when you have more than one team member responsible for the bookings. Double bookings spell trouble. Cluboid solves this problem. No resource can be double booked ever.

Knows what's available

See full contact data and images

Running a fast paced company means that sometimes you need a quick overview of what resources are available right now. Cluboid gives you that view instantly with your own custom drag and drop layout, giving you confidence in your booking process.

Keeps things clear

See full contact data and images

Every business is different when it comes to bookings and reservations. Many businesses want to see a list of bookings with a live resource view, but for some a simple calendar format is best. Cluboid allows you to instantly switch between the two.

Gives the data you want

Export your bookings to excel

Many booking systems are restrictive making it hard to extract your bookings and reservations. Not with Cluboid, we understand that sometimes exporting to a spreadsheet is vital. That's why we've made it easy for you to quickly export the data you want.

Brings bookings to life

Print your bookings quickly

Organising bookings in a physical format can often be of benefit, but typing out all of the details can be a time consuming pain. Cluboid systems allow printing of bookings with the option on what data to include on print outs.

Shows what you want

Lock bookings on specific dates

You can only open for business for so many hours per week, and it's frustrating when customers try to book for days or hours you aren't open. Cluboid allows you to lock bookings on any day or for as many hours as you wish.

Everything you need to deliver legendary service

It takes more than a reservations & booking system to make your customers fall in love with you.

Enquiries CRM

Enquiries CRM

See in depth data on each customer including images & contact details.

Bookings calendar

Bookings Calendar

Get organised knowing that your bookings calendar is always up to date .

Custom bookings

Custom Bookings

Your business is unique so use software with infinite booking types already built in.

Pre orders


Be prepared before your reservation arrives by allowing customers to pre-order.

Resource management

Table Management

Manage your resources to get as much as possible from your business setup.

Sales reporting

Sales Reporting

Reward the top performers in your business by viewing sales levels.

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Incredible support, guaranteed

We pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries.

Your business is our business and we want you to succeed, we pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries. It's free and we plan to keep it that way forever. That's a promise.

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